Monday, July 13

Warning: Picture Laden Content

I feel like I'm forgetting something...

Did I forget to turn off the oven after baking those Shrinky Dinks?  Mebbe I left the dogs out in the backyard?  Perhaps there's something falling off the house that I need to reattach before it ends up on the ground and the rodents take over the attic?

Is it my wife's birthday?

Oh, yeth.

I have a blerhg.

I didn't really forget to add content to the internet last week.  I made hay while the sun shone on my balding head part.  If I had the chance to ride, I did just that.

Here are many images from multiple rides in nothing close to chronological orders.

Bill Nye got shreddy with me on many occasions.  Some of our rides went into some overtime moments.

So much mountain pizza got ate because I simply love eating pizza.  Eat pizza, not ass.

There's no place that I'd rather be than right here over the 4th of July time frame... Viva la Tour (de Burg, dummy).

I ended up in a bike park.  Their site said that full face helmets and pads were recommended (not required), but I got turned back at the lift... and forced to don a moto helmet.  I didn't much like it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  Soak it in, people.  You probably won't see this again any time soon.

Bill Nye got way sendy when the opportunity presented itself (a lot).

Yeth... I rode with others.  I caught up with Kürdt...

and Aaron...

and Gwen...

and Colin...

Who happens to really like the Maxxis brand a lot.  It was awesome seeing people that haven't been in my life much recently.  Fucking COVID.

New shoes.  Red.  Dammit.  Red because black is boring and these shoes were not available in yellow.  Proper Pisgah shoes... meaning that they will be walking up a mountain near you a lot more in the future.


More pizza.  It's a sign of the times.

Back to Bill Nye content?  Why not?

Some golden hour moments on one of our rides that ended way too close to bed time for olds.

My high performance stretchy HandUp Jorts  drying out from a ride that ended in the rain.  You can click that link, but it looks like the jorts sold out quick like.  Thorry.  I highly recommend you getting a pair... if you ever can in the future.

I can't say I got very far into this rock garden.  I feel like I made it all the way a million years ago.  Mebbe.  I've failed a lot over the past few years tho.

Bill Nye sending it over the horizon...

in the manner that a helicopter goes over the horizon after being critically shot down...

and then someone ignites the gasoline drums and the explosion go off and like that... Bill Nye went down hard like a hippopotamus jumping outta a lake.  He was basically okay... thanks, body armor and stupid helmet.

I was sendy where I felt like sending and also SAIL.

So.  Much.  Sail.

I need more park in my life.

Obvs more mountain pizza too.

Todd took me out and we did the biggest North Mills loop that I've ever managed to string together.

I did a better job getting over this a week ago... not sure why this bump log drop huck gets in my head like it do.  My wheel is entirely up my ass.

Todd talked me into adding five more miles of riding to hit mebbe a half mile of trail specifically (Upper Upper Trace).  I like Todd and his thinky part.  Honestly, the best North Mills loop EVER... except for the sketchy dark tunnels on a busy Blue Ridge Parkway.

One ride.  Two trips all the way up to the Parkway.

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Pizza Performance.  What can I say?  Too much riding and playing bike sports in the woods left me with little time to shop for Proper Pizza.

And just like that, I'm back amongst the big buildings this whole week, so all work and no play will make Dick a dull boy.


Anonymous said...

TOur de Buck 2020
you weren't there

it was awesome

best road stage evah!

Anonymous said...

Bill must have good insurance and short term disability