Thursday, July 16

I'm Alright

Here I am again, poking my head outta my hole to see what's going on out there...

World's doing slightly better while this nation is still continuing to swirl around in the toilet but refusing to be totally flushed down like ten wads of toilet paper and five pounds of turd, and people are still buying all the bikes, lumber, and bread makers.

Back to the hole then, I guess.

Tomorrow will be day five this week at work, and then it's back to B Team staying home and warming the bench for nine days.

Figure I'll ride my bike and then return home in the evenings to see what's wrong with my house when I get back...

One of the last times I came back to find my sagging gutter was actually pulling a large portion of the fascia right off my house.  That was pretty cool.  The devil finds work for idle hands, so I'm thinking that makes my house the devil.

Gutters are the Antichrist.  I said it.

I'm still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Rodeo Adventure Labs Flaanimal 5.0.  They've been doing a great job updating customers as to the delays, but honestly, for me anyways, the anticipation associated with waiting on a new bike is part of the fun.

The frames that were pre-ordered are going to be air freighted to the states when they're ready, so it seems like it could be any day now...

Drilling speed holes into the crank pipe holder.  Gotta be close to the last step.

Being that it's soooooooooo hot here, I can't wait to get back to some local urban adventuring and tooling around at slightly higher speeds in the convection oven conditions.

There is an endurance mountain bike cycle sport race happening in western NC this weekend (edit: doh, next weekend), and it will be interesting to see how it goes.  Being that I'm an old (relatively), I've taken a decidedly conservative approach to jumping into the COVID exposure pool.

Although I truly sorta believe this...

I've been really enjoying just riding my bike.  I don't know what's stranger, that I'm writing this post while wearing that same exact shirt...

or that despite not racing since February, I've been feeling like I could ride forever.  I've been on multiple mountain adventures that have hit close to 35 miles with shit loads of climbing and maximum heart rates in the upper 180s... and my legs don't feel all that tired.  If not for the lack of liquid refreshment, mountain pizza, or my riding partner's desire to end the ride, it's like I could just keep turning the pedals ad infinitum.

So, my anticipation to also race once again has to be considered part of the fun, emmaright?

That's what I'm telling myself anyways.



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