Wednesday, December 16

Things are going great, and they're only getting better

2020.  Helluva year, emmaright?

I've done so much while also doing so little.  I mean, it's been nine months since the boomie booms fell, and I've found myself with all this free time on my hands.  Despite that, I still don't know how to wheelie.  How is that even possible?

I learned a little about roofing, I've not gained a significant amount of weight, and I haven't gotten any shorter.  I've written fewer blerhg posts than ever.  Like me, my list of accomplishments is short and unimpressive.

I raced Winter Shart Tarck eleven months ago... then nothing.  Took a shot at the Shenandoah 100 and missed the target altogether.  The last redemption of the 2020 "Season" was my first place single speed at The Whole Enchilada (out of two riders, so also second to last).

So when it came time to submit a resume to Maxxis to continue my grassroots sponsorship into its tenth year, it was a quick but still somehow daunting task.  What did I really have to show for my efforts in 2020?  Why even bother to keep up the Dick Support in 2021?

I typed up my meager resume and added an image that was probably the best way to truly show the level of professionalism I'll bring to the table as a representative of the brand.

At least that's what I think I sent... it was almost two months ago.  I assume it was an image of me slightly off the ground, tongue out, no sleeves, and barely turn-barred.  It's my signature move and most definitely ™'ed.

I was concerned when I didn't hear back in mid-November, but then I saw this on Instagram:

So I calmed down... that is until Thanksgiving... and I still hadn't heard anything.


Sadness settled in, and I wondered if they'd even bother sending out rejections.  I imagine a "record number of applications" also means a record number of disappoints. 

But then I finally got the email.  I was still in the good graces of Maxxis, at least for another year and hopefully "Season."

I'm thankful for all the help I've gotten this year from the Dick Supporters listed on my sidebar over there on the right.  2020 was a proverbial shit stain (remember Voltaire's collection of shit stain proverbs?), and business has been beyond great in the bike "industry" without even trying.  Racing, events, festivals, demos... canceled, but the show goes on and only looks like it's gonna get better the further we can put this year in our collective rear view mirror.

Except for stuff like product availability, same day bike service, getting people on the phone...

I'm allowing myself to have a thimble full of the all the hope I had lost back in March that life will get all ob-la-di, ob-la-da soon enough.  '21 Winter Shart Tarck looks like it's on, I was chatting with Eric "PMBAR" Honcho Wever the other day about next year's Pisgah Productions' events, and I might have a couple of stage races on the brain.  I'm looking forward to seeing friends and family and high fives and hugs and mebbe ditch fighting and everything that makes life all the buenos.


Paul Shin said...

Have you thought about moving your blog to Instagram or other social media platform to generate income? I’d think you’d have a good amount of followers. Also, I just ordered a Vassago Optimus due to your blog. Thanks for thoughtful reviews.

dicky said...


Not so much. I personally rarely read longer IG posts. I think mine would be insanely lengthy. Also, I have little interest in trying to monetize my content. I post on FB and IG, and I keep it what it is there. I've already got one job, so I like keeping this as a "hobby."

Thanks and welcome.

S Sprague said...

You are my Maxxis source!

And all your other #sponsors!

juan said...

WAIT A MINUTE. did somejuan say ditch fighting? BRING ON THE TONYAN!!!