Monday, May 22

Looking for movie recommendations...

Well, it was fun while it lasted.  Only posting because I feel the need to stick a pin in it.  This will be the first Trans-Sylvania Epic that starts without me on the line.

I started feeling a little sick this past Wednesday.  I never know what my body is doing in the Spring when I feel ill.  I never had allergy issues when I lived in Ohio, but Charlotte, NC slapped me in the face quite a few times in the past.  So, I found myself playing the "is it allergies or a cold?" game with the added bonus question "Covid?"

Thursday was meh, and I slept on the couch.  Friday... I had a coughing fit in the courthouse that was part physical and a larger part mental as a I felt trapped at the Judgments window when the clerk disappeared into the bowels of the building with my appeal, I forgot to bring cough drops, and couldn't escape to the hall to get to a drinking fountain.  NBD.

Friday evening, The Pie had me test for Covid... because she's smart.  After trying too many expired tests, I finally got a real negative.  At least I dodged that bullet.  More couch sleeps.

Saturday, I escaped outside for what I thought would be a Sad Dad™ to the SC border that turned into an adventure on some abandoned golf cart paths with Dr Mike.

Not sure if that was "over doing" it, but Saturday night's sleep sucked and was interrupted by multiple bouts of coughing.  Despite all that, I made sure all my shit was ready on Sunday to leave the next day.

I was even making my travel sammiches last night, mostly thinking that my late friend Bill would tell me that I need to manifest my future.  Denial is half the battle.

At least I tried.

I had a rougher night than I did the previous.  Standing on my back porch at two in the morning having a coughing fit and trying to cool down and not wake up The Pie (hopefully sleeping soundly in the bedroom), I knew I wouldn't be getting in the car on Monday to drive up to Pennsylvania.  

I'm bummed, but at least I'm respecting my health.  Ryan (TSE promoter) had been kind enough to offer me up one of the old staff cabins so I wouldn't have to worry about ruining people's sleep in the Eagle Lodge, but the prospect of waking up Tuesday after another potential rough night number three of sleep to watch the TSE start without me sounded terrible.  As bad as the last two nights have been, this is going to be gone tomorrow (insert more denial).

That said, I'm hoping that I do get better, and there's a chance that I might just leave Wednesday to make the three day TSE happen.  Or not.  I'm trying to be positive.  Life is good, and bike racing is a small part of that.  It is awfully hard looking out the window at some insanely nice weather (and an overgrown front yard), but the less I do, the faster my condition will improve.


Also fuck.

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