Tuesday, May 30

Well, would you look at that?

Just look.

Look at me, over here... staring off into the not so distance at the silver lining of the dismal cloud that hath hung over me these past two weeks.

Had I developed my illness any later, I mighta been on the road to Pennsylvania on Monday and had to deal with it up there... and eventually dropped out.

Had I not been totally wiped out on Tuesday, I mighta left on Wednesday to attempt the three day TSE.

Had I not already had my time off on the calendar scheduled, I prolly woulda went to work.  Because I'm dumb like that.  I go to work sick.  Then I get sicker.  Instead, I crushed all three seasons of Ted Lasso, and that felt... "significant."

I felt good enough to go into work Thursday and Friday, and because it was going into a holiday weekend, I wasn't too busy.  I ended up saving two days of  PTO to use on a later adventure.  Buenos.

Then I was given the gift of this past three day weekend to spend even more time on the couch... doubly blessed with two solid rain days that kept me from being tempted to get on a bike.  I just stared out the window and felt nothing.

I experienced six days out of eight without pedaling a lick.  I can't say I've done that in my past thirty or so years of existence.  Even when I had COVID, I was back out on a bike soft pedaling a few days later.  This shit really kicked me in the dick, and last Tuesday it was just me curled up in a ball on the couch thinking I was dying (even Ted Lasso couldn't pep talk me outta my hole).

But I wasn't and didn't.  Which is nice.

Of course, The Pie got it too... which since I went to the Minute Clinic and got all the drubs, I saved her a trip.  Essentially, we got a BOGO on that one.

Obvs, I'm bummed to miss this year's TSE... but not as bummed as I was when I wrecked out of the event years ago with a broken butt-part.  I'm also glad I didn't go up there and pull an Anthrax.

I'm all good with that and super optimistic that I'll be at least back to 90% for this weekend's Mountain Cat 100.

It will be an adventure.  The pre-race email answers as many questions as it does inspire new ones.  I remind myself to once again embrace low expectations.  Watts will be joining me, along with hundreds of unfamiliar faces (and mebbe a few sorta familiar).  


I will rise again.  This I know.

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