Thursday, July 6

Horned up 4th

Busy four day weekend.  Partially working on the Horny Cat 69.  Mostly not.

I couldn't go to the Tour de Burg because my manager was on vacation, and that "promotion" I took last year means we can't be off at the same time. Meh.

I also couldn't really get out of town all that much, as The Pie also went on vacation, and the doggo kept me on a short leash.

But I finally got to do something I've wanted to do for awhile...

BTW: I highly recommend stopping at Kit's Trackside Crafts for a brew around mile fifty (or so?), and while you're there, brush up on your Randolph Scott history... and maybe meet the Charlotte City Manager like we did on Tuesday.

Anyhoo, I finally noodle-bar'ed some mountain bike trails.  I know some call it "under-biking," but I just can't.  Tracklocross (which I piddled with back in my day long before it was a thing) is under-biking.  Riding a modern garvel bike on trails is something closer to just what mountain biking was like in the '90s... aside from the benefits of tubeless tires and disc brakes and drooper posts and 700c wheels... so it's actually much better than riding in the '90s.  Very much.

Except this:

I thought it was an attractive item when they launched it a few weeks ago.  I also thought I had no reason for one... other than pure vanity and wanting to plug my two seat pipe holes... until I dropped my chain twice.  Order placed.

More about the Horny Cat tho.

Some people have complained about some of the things.  I don't think there's anything to complain about.  It's as bad as bitching about what's on TV. 

I'm keeping the payment method digital in order to better:

Plan for the number of people that will show up.

Streamline the keeping of an accurate list for the pre-ride email.

Making it easier for volunteers on the day of to get everyone's collective shits together.

There is danger... if you're staring up at the sky instead of in front of you.

It will be marked on the Ride with GPS route, and I'll highly stress things that will require caution at the pre-ride meeting.

I took the time to manipulate the map that Ride with GPS spat out to better reflect the paved VS unpaved sections.  They still suck at keeping track of the mileage, being that we rode all of the route but seventeen or so miles of trails and still came up close to a fifty ride... and RWGPS says it's only sixty with everything.  What are you gonna do?

I assure you, I know for a fact there are more than twenty five miles of unpaved surfaces.  Dammit.

Speaking of...

If you think I'm being a bit dick'ish by holding on to the big details until after the deadline to donate to the party, whatever.  I don't know what to say to you other than this ride isn't for you.  I mean, it could be.  Just grab the STRAVA route from the twenty to a hundred people that end up doing the ride and have at it whenever it's convenient for you.  All the amenities like bathrooms, water stops, and beer sellers will still be there, as well as the trails, roads, and sundrious pathways.  

Enough people have already supported the party more than the ride by either donating $10+ with full intentions to be there on September 9th, with plenty of other folks throwing in money with no plans on being there.  

So we will make good party, no?


So if that didn't dissuade you in the least ...

Shoot me an email at SMELLYCAT100K at hotmail dot com, and I'll shoot you my VENMO deets for the $10 party donation.

And if you need more details, read last week's post, mmmkay.  The ride is about 25% full, so don't sit on your thumbs, unless that's what you're into.

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