Wednesday, July 12

See you in the bushes

Start off with the business first.  We're two months out from the big, dumb bike ride party.

Most impotently, I updated the OG Horny Cat post.  

I bumped the last chance for gas up to midnight, September 3rd.  A frand pointed out that shutting down the donation window last minute (September 6th as originally planned) creates issues.  Harder to plan and too much last minute work for me.  Lotsa lookie-loo, weather-watching holdouts can be a pain in the ass.  I can straighten out all the pizza ordering and beer acquisition at my leisure and focus more on making great party closer to the ride.  Someone has to hang the plethora of piñatas, no? 

Dr Mike and I took time out of our heat dome ride the other day to clear out some face slappers.  The original intention was to address some downed trees, but the trail gnomes got them before we could have our way.  We made good use of my shitty pocket saw, and I lost a gallon of sweat in the process.  You will appreciate this when you're trying to dodge the shin deep mud holes on the ATV trail.

One more thing, The Pie is taking the dog and leaving town that weekend.  Some floor/porch/lawn/driveway space will be available.  Don't make me regret that offer, lest ye awake with dicks and balls drawn on your face.

And finally, as always, refer to the OG post for all the important information.  Currently, the ride/party is 30% full.  Plan accordingly.  Other than that...

Shoot me an email at SMELLYCAT100K at hotmail dot com, and I'll shoot you my VENMO deets for the $10 payment towards the post-ride party. 

About me now.

I wasn't planning on going, but then somehow the earth shifted and plans changed and now I am.

Going, that is.

I don't think I've been up to the Bash since it stopped being a Dirt Rag Dirt Fest'ing thing.  Not due in any way to a lack of interest, but I had other things going on at the time.  I really do love the trails at the Big Bear Lake Trail Center, and we're going to lump this into a visit to Fayetteville for some buenos trail rips and mebbe a backcountry jaunt and possibly some lift served goodness at Snowshoe.


Leaving out tomorrow.  Back when we feel like it (or when I need to get back to work in order to pay bills and feed myself).


hellbelly said...

A couple of questions: What kind of total mileage should one expect for this Shindig? I am going to imagine that being this is going through a populated (civilized?) area there will be places to refill or purchase some water along the route, correct? I am tentatively considering this ride as I thoroughly enjoyed the Back Yard stuff on my recent visit to Charlotte. Thanx, R

dicky said...

It was mentioned in other posts, but the mileage is gonna be super close to 69 according to my one ride-through.

There will be opportunities for water AND a convenient store. All points of interest like this will be marked on the route that everyone will get in the email Wed night.