Tuesday, May 21

Plans-Sylvania Epic

Has life calmed down?  Dunno.  I'm too busy to notice.  I mean, I finally had time to catch up on my sewing...

Foster animals sometimes leave things like dog beds and fluffy toys in a sad state of disrepair.  Fortunately, I can hand stitch like a son of a bitch.

Normally, I'd be in the throes of TSE (the race, not testicular self-exam).  This year, nope.  I've been trying to find fun some bike cycle oriented things to do when I can devote a stream of conscience to the planning of stuff.

Mountain Cat 100 (108?) is coming in less than three weeks. I plan on being more prepared this year so I don't end up with another 107 mile DNF.  Many, many mistakes to learn from, I feel blessed to have such an opportunity to grow as a human.  I've got a power bank for my new'ish computer, and a 90° cable do-dad so it actually plugs in and plays nice with the stem.  I'm hoping we can keep Friday night in check this go-around.   

I've also made plans to join Bill Nye TSG on a Journey to the Center of the Mountain Bike Capital of the World van voyage.  Leaving outta Charlotte in late June, we gonna hit:

Sat 22: FATS 
Sun 23: Jarrod’s Place  (shuttle bike park day)
Mon 24: Coldwater Mountain 
Tues 25: Monte Sano  
Wed 26: Mt Nebo 
Thu-Sun 27-30: Bentonville

Ain't never been to the first four places, and they've probably built a thousand miles of new trails since the last time I made it to Bentonville.  No, I don't think that it's the "Mountain Bike Capital of the World."  That's kinda horse shit, but they do have loads of different types of trails, and since they were built with Walmart money, I wanna enjoy all the things my federal taxes paid for.

I'm really looking forward to getting (running?) away.  The only full vacation day I've taken so far in 2024 was to move my mom.  That was not a very relaxing or pleasant day in the least.  Lately, when I have room in my brain, I think about how I can make my mom, my wife, and my dog's life better... and that's about it.  I've still got a whole lotta vacation to use or lose, and I realize that's not such a terrible problem.  I'm just rather directionless without a stage race eating up a week.  

I wanna do something big (but not amateur homeless personning big), something with friends (but not so many friends that I have to deal with a bunch of logistics and agendas), something bike related (but not just watching people ride bikes or gravel oriented or tradeshow'esque), something that will make memories (but not be terribly expensive or require days of travel time).

You know... something.

Or I could just buy a new bike because spending = happiness?

Life is great.  I'm going places and doing things.  I am bless.

Just looking for some adventure that requires a little more planning than this:

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I got whut y’all need right here.