Wednesday, May 29

Why so lack of blerhg postious?

Because this is the most exciting thing going on in my life:

Bearing in mind, I like buying bike parts as much as the next person.  These new parts only serve to keep some old(er) parts running, and I don't even get the "pleasure" of installing one of these bits any time soon.  Some might call it "hoarding," but wear items are ideal to have on hand.

Brake pads
Grips (if you run ESI grips and have a hard time avoiding trees)
Bearings (obvs)
Chain rings
SPD cleats
2032 batteries

I'd even go so far to say that I'm a tad bit uncomfortable not having a backup saddle, brakes, seat post, pedals, cranks, handlebar, bar tape...

Okay, mebbe a little hoardy.

I "like" working on my own bikes, to the same degree that I "like" cutting my own hair... which is not entirely at all.  There's some satisfaction in doing it myself, but I'm mostly just cutting down on expense and hassle.  I mean, did I wanna spend probably close to two hours swapping the bars on my Crux and "patiently" positioning the levers and dropper actuator, and doing my best to reuse the Supacaz tape as opposed to just using the cheap SRAM tape I bought last week?  

But I did it anyways... and it looks a little bit like ass... but so does my haircut 20% of the time.

This doth bring me joy:

The Meatplow V.7 is back to the way gob intended it, de-PMBAR'ed and ready for the Mountain Cat 100.  I'm excite to spend 8-10 (12?) hours in the woods and on the streets of Richmond with my old frand... and also Watts.  Being that I managed to finish my previous fail at Bootlegger in 2024, perhaps this is my revenge tour, and I shall have my comeuppance in Richmond on June 8th.  Mebbe I shoulda kept a list of all my utter fails and tried to knock them all off this year...

Wait a second.  The 2006 Lumberjack 100 would be on that list.

Never mind.

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