Wednesday, February 4

You better watch out, you better not cry...

You better not pout, I'm telling you why.

Jeremiah's coming to town.

Jeremiah who?, that's who. Yeah, most folks just call him Jeremiah, but we fellow elite mountain bike racers call him That's just how we roll. Anyways, Neal Boyd of Charlotte Sports Cycling has arranged to have Jeremiah speak at Nothing but Noodles this Saturday. He will be sharing stories, highlights, and photos from his experiences racing around the world and talking about World Bicycle Relief. Twenty bucks gets you dinner, drinks, and an earful from The J.

Elite racers like and I have to keep an eye on our image at all times. Fortunately my manager/PR guy Mike Piazza gets up at 4:00am and combs the web to make sure everything is on the up and up re: Bad Idea Racing and the WWW.

Jen has distanced herself from Bad Idea Racing ever since I backed out on TMHTE this weekend.

Sometimes things fall through the cracks, and my alert friends find the misuse of my image or persona when Mike falls asleep at the wheel. Stabby sent me the following use of my celebrity to endorse a product or corporate entity without my knowledge.

Where's Waldo?

and a little close up work:

As you can see it is clearly me in this image (not the lady with the clenched fists worrying about her 401K, but the handsome messenger behind her). That's The Fastest Bike in the World and my signature Bagaboo messenger bag. Obviously this image has been photoshopped all to hell. If I remember the moment correctly this guy was carrying a BLUE notebook:

and these two people were doing Taekwondo, not Ju Jitsu.

In other abuses of my well developed image...

Ben "Bubba" Cohen found this cute little website:

I am not sure who is behind this mischief, but it has been going on under the radar for quite some time. The perp calls himself phureeous, and evidently he/she has plans to expand on his/her money making dreams off the sweat of my labor with this yet to be released production: Yeah for Team Dicky. My attorney Mike Piazza is looking into this infraction and trying to see if there's any money in this for me. I would say I'm flattered, but in this case I'm switching the locks on my house and calling ADT later for an estimate on a home security system. If all else fails I'm just gonna have to put this guy (or very attractive, large busted female) on the payroll as the entertainment value of his/her creative images is priceless. Besides, I could hand over the keys to the blog when I'm outta town, and this talented, dedicated individual could keep yinzers entertained in my absence.

BTW: BRECKEPIC.COM has gone live. The links aren't all working yet, but I will let you know when they do as I'll keep checking back every fifteen minutes. The great news is that my diligence in getting my Breck Epic blogger's grant in first got me top billing in the contest. You can't vote yet, but I'll be checking on that every seven and a half minutes, and I'll let you know ASAP.


Luis G. said...

Wow, just wow!

You know you've made it when people are creating websites to mock you, congrats...

indiefab said...

Props to anyone who posts a pic of Jeremiah Johnson, the greatest Jeremiah until the emergence of the current J Bishop.
A 50 caliber Hawken!

GastonBiker said...

Good to hear about your BE blog grant. Let us know when the voting is open.