Friday, March 27

Bad case of the "Fridays"

Another gloomy weekend in the forecast for the Charlotte local trail system.


Showers during the morning with strong thunderstorms developing in the afternoon. Storms may produce large hail and strong winds. High 67F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

Hail, that sounds awesome. Maybe I'll go out and see if the Bee Stopper mesh in my new Uvex helmet can prevent forehead hail damage. At least I got a shipment of goods from a new sponsor to keep me busy with projects over the weekend. No, sorry, no MOOTS in a box, but something that will involve tools and assembly. Shiny things shall be mounted in the name of all things bicycular.

Why not divulge the maker of said shiny bits? Because it's Friday. Blog readage goes down a few percentage points on Fridays, although I do get the weekend trickle* of the truly bored folks that catch up on weekends. I wouldn't want to deprive this sponsor of all the public praise and adulation he/she/it deserves, so I'll save the announcement till I have the full attention of the class next week.

I can divulge some hints. Below are some of the crude pen and ink renderings that adorned the box of goodies, but keep in mind that it is rare that I get a box without some creativity displayed on the exterior surface. I can only imagine that people assume I'll appreciate their artwork being that I have a BS in Art Education. Lucky for most of them I am certified to teach K-12, as most of their work would fit in better with the Popsicle stick construction efforts of a seven year old as opposed to the oil on canvas work of a tenth grader.

Apparently I blog in overalls, I'm running out of things to write about, and I am screaming at a tumor on my right knuckle... I guess. At least my 2001 Hitachi monitor is close to scale.

This one's pretty dead on, except that I'm not a "Drop bars, not bombs" kinda guy (like Big Worm). I do ride around making ambulance noises and waving at crowds of adoring local fans. Charlotte folk can't enough of this local boy done right.

This last one is a bit more abstract, kinda Salvador Dali'esque, but perhaps more like the work Sal put out when he was five years old (he didn't start heavily abusing drugs till he was eight... kinda like my new sponsor).

I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge some true artistic effort that was posted this week on Faces of Dicky.

Join the Army.

* No Thad, not the kind of weekend trickle you got back in college.

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