Thursday, March 26

Sorry blog fans... or you're welcome... not sure which

Got back late from The Pie pickup last night, and had to go back to the 8-5 schedule today, so you get public service announcements instead of a quality Thursday blog post. Mind you, these are quality public service announcements, so please do read on.

Win some cool bike stuff and support HERA at the same time. Remember causes are like assholes. Everybody has one, but mine is better than yours, and it makes sunshine. Support this cause, and don't be an asshole. You can win cool stuff from important people like Chris Eatough and... unh... Tomi. Last year I won a T-shirt, and I guarantee that if you din't register last year you didn't win a T-shirt. Don't let it happen to you again.


Don't forget the Gear Heads multi-sport gear consignment sale and expo coming this April 24th-26th. There's gonna be a whole mess of stuff going on, so I don't care if you live in Saskatoon or Ho Chi Minh City this will be worth the trip (no guarantee implied or suggested). There will be pro dirt demos, computrainer races, bunny hop comps, kids races, fixed gear bike polo jousting barrel night racing over a pit of fire (alright, I made that one up)... fun for the whole family, unless you're a Republican. In that case you can just come and pretend to not have fun and blame the liberals for the dirty bathrooms and bad hippie vibe.

Bike Snob
writing for Bicycling Magazine?

What's next?

writing for O?

Me writing for Highlights?


Canadan said...
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Canadan said...

Saskatoon,Saskatchewan still aint no RegIna. Fuckin'eh

allan said...

You would do an excellent Goofus and Gallant.

Anonymous said...

I predict it comes built for 26" wheels and with racer-boy geometry.

Anonymous said...

Here Here. Sam and Hera are the best. Everyone loves Sam within 30 seconds of meeting her. She is genuine. Thanks for putting this up.

Anonymous said...

and it makes sunshine.
-- oh. How you do dat?

I wanta try!
Blue angles?