Thursday, April 23

Blogcott Day Four

For more info on the blogcott see here.

The "I went on an ordinary training ride with my camera again" post:

Yesterday I stuck with the schedule and went out for a light workout in the dirt. Because coach had me in the pain cave two days ago we felt like I should stay under the shady ledge of discomfort for a little recovery ride.

Team Dicky maneuvers his bike with handlebars just like us.

Team Dicky wears a helmet just like us.

Enthusiasm _________________
Powerful feelings ______________

After a great ride I went out with my sweet girl and had some awesome tuna-free tuna sushi on her (she paid for it, neither of us actually knew the girl we used as a plate).

Sorry JK, we all knew it was coming.


Anonymous said...

Well played.

Anonymous said...

I certainly respect what JK does, but that was funny (especially the graph of awesomeness).

Joshua Stamper said...

I hate looking at power output charts on peoples blogs. But , once again your unprofessional-ism has reigned supreme. Good job flat lining the awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

Yep, JK had it coming.
You missed al the product placements though, the green stuff. :)

AdamB said...

Something's a bit fishy with that graph...!

Don't forget your Omega-3's


kevin said...

Mocking JK is like blog softball.

You just talk about a boring training ride, post a graph or two that means nothing to anyone but you and your coach, wrap it up with a mention of healthy food, then sprinkle in some mindless praise of ergon products. done.

You could drop a turd in neon green baggie, and JK would swear it's the best tasting energy bar ever created.

dicky said...

Remember Jeff is one of the blogfathers. Where would we be without him?

We're all just jealous of his nomadic playboy lifestyle.

Kelvin Kauliflower said...

Who's the huge boobed Ergon girl he hangs out with Dicky? The office is "curious".... ONE issue with the parody: Not enough spelling mistakes and no video footage with lame music. Does anybody in mountain biking listen to Bad Brains anymore? Eric B and Rakim???

word verification: swash

dicky said...

With all due respect the "big boobed girl" Jeff hangs out with is Sonya Looney. I am guessing at that since I've never actually looked at her boobs close enough to size her bras for her. She's quite a honch rider and a fellow Topeak/Ergon athlete. Who knew women could be more than a parking place for boobs??

Kelvin Kauliflower said...

Really? Well, that's pretty awesome Dicky!


grannygear said...

Great series. You are nailing it. Fun stuff, even if it is the mirror held to my own face.


Luis G. said...

that was awesome...