Monday, December 7

I might have a hard time blaming this one on Garth Prosser...

but not for the lack of trying.

I mentioned last week how on the night before Thanksgiving a case of canned cat food decided to unleash its potential energy on my toes thus postponing the first day of Run Club Part Duh. Luckily there was no real damage done, and now my toes only hurt when I wear shoes. I'd managed to squeeze in three runs last week, and things were going pretty smooth until Saturday night when The Pie and I went over to me Mar's place to make her bed up in fresh linens and help her with a few other things. While clutzing around with a basket of laundry in my arms I didn't notice the sliding board that was leaning on end by the side of her recliner. Somehow I managed to knock it over and get my foot as far away as possible to have the absolute pointiest end of it hit the edge of my foot with the highest speed attainable with the help of gravity.

This is a maple sliding board being used for it's intended purpose, but I can see how one could be used for self defense, pest control, or assaulting a figure skater.

It hurt... bad. I limped home, watched a movie, and ignored it. When I went to bed that night I noticed that there was some interesting swelling taking place, so I got outta bed and snapped a few photos.

The Pie says that's trapped blood pooling up under my skin. The Pie also said "No, you may not poke it with a needle."

Fuzzy photo, but you get the point... well, at least I got the point.

Can I blame this on Garth Prosser? I'm pretty sure there's a link between Garth and the danger of precariously stored sliding boards. Perhaps he invented the sliding board as an earthy, tree hugging, wooden woobie that could comfort a dread locked hippie in a time of desperate need...

Even though I was hobbled I went out for a trail run Sunday. The trails were too wet to ride (Garth's fault again), so I had to do something to make me feel like I was doing something. It sucks going a weekend without touching a bike in a riding type manner (repairs do not count as "bike time", contrary to what The Pie says), but whatcha gonna do? Ride a road bike?



Anonymous said...

Sweet PJ's
my Granny has some just like yours. However she is much faster than you when it comes to escaping rabid sliding boards.

CB2 said...

Did anyone get to stick that lump with a needle? Can I stick it with a needle?

Nerd On A Bike said...

I could see some of my more sinister childhood friends taking that maple sliding board, drilling some holes, slapping some grip tape and Rob Roskopp stickers on the bottom and heading out into the night to skate and destroy.

fatbob29r said...


I believe Garth invented the "transfer board"... the "Sliding board" is made by Paragon machine works.

Anonymous said...

you should consider modeling them fred flintstone feet.