Thursday, January 6

Plan A? Come up with a Plan B

Planning a "season" is sometimes about planning the planning. Some races fill up in hours and others have staggered prices that benefit the early worm and punish those who do not know when to get off the pot.

I had to elect to "use" the pot yesterday when I decided to join in on the fun at the Southern Cross race. Putting off the inevitable would not have increased the registration fee, but signing up before Jan 7th (5:00pm exactly) netted me a sweet T-shirt.

It's probably unfortunate for me that the shirt is pretty good looking. Usually my happiness with the aesthetics of the t-shirt is an direct inverse of my happiness regarding my performance. I have a lot of great looking t-shirts from the races I sucked at, and a smaller pile of ugly shirts from races where I ended up doing well.

Speaking of cross racing and my lack of a proper cross bike...

Raleigh has come out with a single speed cross bike that is officially the cream of the dream. Full carbon nasty, no gear shifty bit stops, no disc brake mounts, two water bottle mounts, but unfortunately out of my price range ($1 - $75). Bringing back an appropriate phrase from the late 80's, "It's tits." Though for the price of just the frame and fork I could get a fully built Crosby and still have enough cash left over for a six week supply of EPO. So if I could have one bike I didn't really need, that would be it right there since I don't need EPO (or components) to make great bike race. If you all got together and surprised me for Valentine's Day, that would be nice.

More snooze and lose info?

ORAMM (what used to be the most important race on the international calender... before I lost in a miserable fashion last year) is already open for registration.

If you register now (or before January 31st) you'll pay 2010 rates. Wait until February or later and you'll end up paying more (or less depending on Todd Branham's sense of humor). How much more? Somewhere in the neighborhood of an additional $5 to $1,000,ooo. If you know you are going to do this race for sure, pay up now.

I signed up for the 2011 Trans-Sylvania Epic a long time ago. It's a stage race, so the penalty for waiting is proportional to the relatively high cost of entering a stage race. If you wait until after Feb 28th you're going to pay $100 more than you have to. That does not mean that I won't still offer you the TSE Registration Incentive Package if you drop my name, but I might send you send you a condolences card for the loss of your hard earned money.

I am not yet registered for PMBAR, but that is because Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever has been too busy getting the first ever PMBAR themed jersey ready for the event and registration (which will sell out, folks) is yet to open.

Some assembly required.

For 2011 I am partnering up with my 2008 partner Mark "Elk" Elsasser.

"He picked me? Not that squirrely Thad guy from Kentucky? I better bring the Rolaids."

Yes, Elk and I are coming back to avenge our 2nd place from aught eight. Hopefully our 2nd place fueled vengeance does not have a similar effect on Elk as it did Thad when we were looking to best our second place finish of 2009 just last year causing Thad to dig too deep into his suitcase of hyponatremia. Elk did promise to keep better track of his car on the way home from the race.

Thad "Dude, where's my car?" Hoffman's Mazda adrift somewhere off the coast of Tennessee

Once I get into early June I am at a loss until I get to ORAMM in late July (the race I'll have to sign up for six months earlier). I have no idea what to do in the span of time from the end of the TSE until ORAMM. June and July seem like prime racing months, yet there just ain't much to do 'round here. I have consulted the all knowing calendar of knowledge over on, but I see a hole that needs filled. Good lord, I might just end up at the pure hell that is the Tour de Burg once again.

photo cred: Nater


Andrea said...

Syllamo's Revenge (May 14th) 50/100 registration opens 1/12/2011 @ 12:01am CST and will probably fill within 2 hours.

dicky said...

Like a million miles away and in May. Gots too much going on then.

Can they move the date (and venue) for me?

brado1 said...

PMBAR "special tests" get a piece of the jersey at each checkpoint then assemble it at the top of Farlow Gap in the dark

wv: tuormidi

Anonymous said...

Look to Marlinton WV in May!

XXC Magazine said...

I wouldn't say "all knowing" but I try. I'm sure there is more that I just don't have yet, or have ephed up. But I'm stoked that you find the calendar useful.

Brown Streak Racers said...

Registration for the Burn 24 opened last night!


Emily said...

I don't know about that Raleigh, Rich. Can you really pull off UCI stripes?

dicky said...

Pffftttt... I'm as much of a "World Champ" as the winner of any SSCXWC.

Wes D said...

Good luck with that PMBAR thing. You might have a handful of teams with some other ideas of how that is going to work out.

Oh yeah EBBs are way better than sliders.

Anonymous said...

You should try The Snake Creek Gap Time Trials in Dalton GA. Its only 34 miles but lots of climbing and VERY sweeeeeet terrain!You would dig it! See if you can beat my record time in 2009 in the SS category. :-)

'e' said...

I'll be seeing you at PMBAR, and unlike Wes, I say fuck the ebb. I way prefer sliders.

cornfed said...

You quit me.

wv: crogico