Tuesday, February 1

I play a repercussion instrument

I've got to try to squeeze some stuff out before I leave on Thursday for Single Speed Arizona.

The other day I found this Walz cap in one of the big buildings uptoon.

I knew it must belong to a messenger since it smelled like hatred for the corporate agenda. I felt like Kevin Bacon in that documentary about bike messenger life, Quicksilver.

This hat represents a problem that faces all messengers this time of year. You have to dress for cold mornings, but not wear so much clothing that your bag will be too full to do work later in the day when it warms up. Not only will it make it hard to accommodate large items, you also run the risk of your personal shit sticking to your professional shit when you pull it out allowing it to drop unnoticed on the floor... to be found by a big player in the stock market who's about to go through some dramatic life changes.

Next topic.

Saturday I received a shipment of the next generation of Awesome.

Not only will there be color options on the new strap there is also a new mounting location.

For all yinzers that prefer mounting your tube and tools DIRECTLY under the saddle and have a strong desire to make a fashion statement, this strap is for you. There's more to it than my shitty photo reveals, but you'll need to wait until the Backcountry Research Art Department gets done with an extensive photo/video shoot. Important info and marketing drivel should be up on the site soon.

Here's some informational snippets I poached from an email that preceded the delivery of the new straps:

"The reason for 2 loops is to allow even tightening of the load..

The velcro... was designed... to have superior hold when pulled linear.... has both hook and loop integrated on one side.

We used heavier webbing because they will stretch about 5%. After a coupla of uses they arent as stiff and will last longer than 720 cheapy polyester. The cheap poly can stretch up to 12 to 20%"

I've put it on and tried it out. Obviously I haven't gotten much use out of it lately, but I don't bother carrying a whole lotta anything at a short track race.

photo cred: Alexander Hawn

I will say that it holds just as tight as the other straps and keeps my shit all tucked away where I used to try to put it with multiple toe straps years ago. I'll be using for the few days of beat down riding at SSAZ, and I'll let you know how it goes.

Any of you locals that are doing the short track series that have noticed the sweet photos by Alexander Hawn should know that they are available (the ones of you and me as well). All you have to do is be his "friend" on Facebook, and if you want hi-res images be prepared to pay a small sum.

photo cred: Alexander Hawn

Yesterday I foud many sweet images of yours truly. I look really good, or at least Alexander makes me look good with proper lighting and a special lens. Unfortunately Mr Geoffrey Bergmark did not get his fill of revenge on Sunday by beating me down for 45 minutes and blocking me on the course. He has resorted to tagging my photos, but not exactly with my name. Here's some examples of some of his work:

Very nice effort Geoffrey. Your hard work will not go unrewarded.

I would be remiss if I did not post up this shot:

photo cred: Alexander Hawn

This is the leader in the series, the man who has been dominating every single speed race, and the Charlotte local who put it to the pasty white, bearded hill people this past Sunday, Luke Sagur. Even though he is putting down a winning effort, he always smiles and he hardly sweats. Did you notice that he is on a Misfit Psycles DiSSent frame and fork? I did. After spending so much time with Peter over the last few years I thought it was impossible to do so well on one of his frames. Maybe I should be getting one of these instead of some elitist custom unobtanium frame that may never get here. Sour grapes indeed.

I probably just pushed the delivery date of my new frame back another month.

And one more thing...

Mandy, the more attractive half of Bike29, went out and got herself a new hydration pack before SSAZ.

She's stuffing a bunch of worthless crap and some tools into it, and looking to blame me if she is unhappy with her purchase since she bought it based on my lengthy yet uninformative review. Since her version of the Octane LR addresses my only complaint with my personal pack (mine is yellow) I think she'll be satisfied. It's honestly the most comfy pack I've used, keeping in mind that I am a minimalist that can get by on 70oz of water and half a toaster pastry for hours of riding. I've had some high capacity packs that have been very comfortable given their size, but I hardly ever go on rides that necessitate that much stuff. This pack, my pack, my YELLOW Octane LR? It completes me, well the "me" that rides with a pack once a month.


Anonymous said...

Been using the under the saddle placement with the original awesome strap for awhile - you can fit a lot more crap since seat rails take up a lot less space than seatposts..

Rad grn/blk SW kit BTW - is that for sale on their site?

dougyfresh said...

Stephen Hawking. that suits you.

You did just push your frame delivery date further out. The force certainly is not strong with you.

Montana said...

Those straps are super cool. I was so excited I couldn't even read the rest of the post

dicky said...

Yes, the SW kit is available. Want the link? Sorry, I'm on my Dumphone and links are impossible. The old straps worked OK on seat rails, but these work betterer since that's what they were designed to do. More on that toonmorrow. Montana, I'm amazed your attention span lasted that long. I figured you only come here to play with the "BWOON" button. Doug, no strap for you. WV: eboniter

the original big ring said...

Too bad you're going with a totally different and lamer company to ride for this season. The sheer power and style of Misfit is too much for you to handle I think.

Pffft, funny how you should ride on my Backcountry Research Awesome Strap contest coat-tails blog entry (which by the way was posted up l-o-n-g before yours). You're sooo not original.


bentcrank said...

Love the new straps. I will have to try one of those.

Good luck at the gay party.

Billy Fehr said...

Speaking of Corporate Agendas, did they(someone AWESOME), really send you 24 chic colored fashion straps?
You're kidding, right? Wait,that is a good job at photoshop Rich, you had me for a minute. Sorry for the bother.


Billy Fehr said...

Oh yeah, and Bing Ring, do you live in Ottawa? I have had some strange traffic lately...

Anonymous said...

two one observation
1. blair has an awesome strap and he's not very awesome..
2. that misfit looks like it's about to snap in two
3. is that a derailler hanger mandy is taking to the "SS" race?

YuriB said...

speaking of bad ideas. if you get snowed in at the phx airport. we got rides.