Thursday, March 24

Grieving over

Yesterday I caved in on a car that I had said no to previously. Above my desired price, but way below my desired miles. I made the decision while I was at work, so I had to run to the bank to get a check cut, call my insurance company, and then ride 13 miles up a hellacious stretch of Statesville Rd to the dealership. The Pie said I was probably the first person to ride into the dealership on a bike and pay cash for a car.

So I got a Fit. No pictures since it's dark outside right now, but it looks like all the rest of them out there. Mine is black, I wouldn't say there are none blacker. It looks like this with wheels.

I did install my spring loaded Chihuahua on the dash last night, but the large laundry basket of shit that I took out of the Element will have to be sorted as it is all not going to fit in the Fit.

Coming home from the dealership I got like a million miles to the gallon, so there.

I'll be able to get to a trail this weekend... maybe the mountains. I'll be able to drive to the Six Hours of Warrior Creek next week where the world will discover the drawbacks of my new "training" program. And the next next week I should be able meet up with the Original Big Ring who will be on his yearly sabbatical to the mountains of NC.


Clicking on my link to the Six Hours of Warrior Creek I noticed that I'll be halfway through my planned 2011 "season" in less than a week. This does not mean that I won't be doing any more racing after July. It just means I haven't planned very well.

A week to freaking go before this contest is over. A week. On April 1st we will all know if I'm going to Sedona, AZ to the Team Topeak Ergon Basecamp. One thing that I can say is that if I go you will get to read about the whole thing here on the blog. Somebody else wins? Who knows.

I can guarantee that my posts will suck during the period of time from May 1-4 if I do not go. Serious suckage of massive massitude. I've got thousands of blog readers, 700+ face friends, and only 335 likes on the video. I'd better start inventorying the big blue bins for the next in the series of more Virtual Tours of my bike room.

"Part Three: What's in the Big Blue Bins?"

Go like the video now. If I get over 500 likes before next Monday I will drop this subject on the blog, and go back to blogging about something sorta bike related (that losers can then leave incoherent and humorless anonymous comments about).


Tyler said...

I'll bring a Bikerumor sticker to 6WC for your new car. Oh, wait, we don't have stickers. I'll print our logo and adhere it in a semi-weatherproof fashion using masking tape.

dicky said...

Just bring a fat Sharpie and your finest calligrapher.

ant1 said...

you need one of these on your fit

Anonymous said...

I am actually getting pretty curious about what's in the blue bins. though i did my part and voted anyways.

Anonymous said...

I am all for seeing whats in the blue bins.... We must see !




S Sprague said...

What hitch you putting on the Fit to support your Raxter?

Anonymous said...

will your new car be called the dickfit?

Anonymous said...

Obviously "champion systems" are in the blue bins. Cannot disclose those to the competition, "champ."

Anonymous said...

expired epo in the bins?

Anonymous said...

i have a black 2009 fit with 5500 miles i would have sold you for $10K. hope you didn't pay more than that

dicky said...

This is the hitch that goes on the Fit.