Friday, March 25

In one place and all over at the same time

Yesterday the final (perhaps) piece of the puzzle came to the house.

A flat bar, more specifically a Niner carbon flat bar. As much as I would like to say that I bought a Niner bar just to piss Peter off, I can not. I planned on putting an ENVE carbon bar on the bike, but not until I made sure I did not want a riser bar by giving the machine a test ride. After I decided to go with the flat bar I called George at Bike29 and asked him if he could get me an ENVE bar before the weekend...


It's not that he didn't want to, it's just that getting one before the weekend was an indefinite possibility as stock of the ENVE flat bars is currently nill. I had waited too long, the window was closed, and I needed whatever I could get. He had the Niner bars in stock, and although I woulda wanted red logos, I got Kermit green. Meh.

Snoozer and loser, right here.

They are long. How long? Too long. As opposed to going through my normal routine of riding the bars at length, re injuring my thumb with the awkward stance, and then cutting them down, I decided just to skip to the last step. I broke out my Park Tool SG-6 and went to town.

Just as the Original Big Ring recently gushed, I too love blue tools. My favorite? The Park Tool HCIDA-1 (Headset Cup Insertion Depth Adjuster-1).

I guess I coulda used it to cut down the bars as well, but the right tool for the right job and all.

No sooner does the new Misfit Psycles prototype get some press, I go and change things around making new news old news.

The weight that they (tHom) went to virtual print with is shown as 20.14lbs, but I'm happy to report that with the new flat bar the bike lost .02lbs, and is now a slender 20.12lbs. Get with the times slow loading Bike Rumor, and Tyler, if you want my bike to lose weight by swapping over to Hayes Grams, well then just send them over and I'll mount 'em up. Yep.

Speaking of press, I'm all about getting exposure for last year's sponsors and outdated clothing.

That's me down there on the bottom right rocking out in my white Twin Six Deluxe kit (no longer available) riding my Niner One 9 (currently sitting between the mysterious blue bins of marvelous curiosity). I am the, all right, just one of the poster boys (and token female, Kim) for the 2011 Trans-Sylvania Epic. This is the race that I am most excited about this year. Yes, the Six Hours of Warrior Creek is my favorite multi-lap format race. Yes, I've done PMBAR six years in a row. Yes, ORAMM is still the most important race on the international cycling calendar.

But TSE? It is fun... plain and simple. And I can't wait to beat Sonya Looney. Looks like some of you guys want me to do it on my own without the aid of the Topeak Ergon Basecamp surveillance I had planned.

Just two clicks of the mouse people... play, like.



the original big ring said...

Two days in a row of mentioning my blog . . . Is this an attempt at getting me to smuggle more Canadian made maple syrup and Smarties?

dicky said...

I am transparent as the wings of a mosquito.

Kelly said...

I have an Enve flatbar in new cut condition that I could of had to you by the weekend and at a "just purchased a new car" price.

Mike Osborne said...

New Misfit build looks ridiculously sweet!! Don't feel the ebb but wadda ya gonna do??

Anonymous said...

How do you like the Fit?

dicky said...

It's a car.

It might get a review after some use.

Anonymous said...

don't have a bookface account, Rich- not going to start one to vote, sorry.

wv: bastruth- what you call me for telling you the truth for why I don't vote