Monday, March 28

My nutsack is not a flotation device

Whatever it was I did over the weekend had me crashed out on the couch by 9:00pm last night. I woke up very early each morning with an agenda, a sense of purpose that could not be denied. Saturday I was up at 5:30am so I could load a bunch of music onto a flash drive since I discovered my Fit has the capability to play tunes right off the tiny digital wonder. Now I'll never have to hear any new music ever for the rest of my life.


After that I headed out to Poplar Tent to mix it up with some folks that are way more familiar with the twists and turns out there than I am. Trying to go fast out at Poplar Tent requires some skill and a certain tolerance to smashing your knuckles into trees. I was a close-up witness to a tree clipping gone bad that resulted in an abrupt thighs-to-a-tree type stop. I managed to stay upright, but ended up bashing my left pinkie twice, glad that I had cut the Niner crabon bars down.

2.175 laps in on my ride I stopped to make an adjustment. My new flat bars were a smidge too low for stand up style climbing. This would not do, so I flopped the stem to positive rise and finished the ride. With the bars higher I couldn't lean into the corners as hard in order to avoid the trees, but I could stand up and produce more power when climbing.


So I woke up early on Sunday and swapped the bars back, lowered the EBB, and dropped the saddle. I think this will be the sweet spot for the high speed banked turns at the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek next week. We'll see.

Remember my post about the tool holster device I created out of recycled beer coozies?

Backcountry Research is moving forward to make my dream a reality by producing quality versions of the product, and I got samples in the mail over the weekend. I can't show you any photos since they're all prototypes, but I'm rather stoked.

To keep people from getting confused....

This is my nutsack:

The final version of the tool holster is not my nutsack. It doesn't even resemble my nutsack. It is and forever will be the Tülbag (pronounced tūl-bahg). Tülbag is the the Scandinavian word for nutsack, but anyways...

Peter sent me some posters in the box with my frame. I wanted a hoodie. I got posters.

Some of this one:

and some of that one:

I don't have enough wall space for all of them, so I'm bringing them with me to the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek. If you see me by my car I'll give you one (if you ask nicely).


the original big ring said...

Pfffftt. . . I got a hoodie when Peter asked nicely to ride for Misfits. Now that he is dead to me you are welcome to it. Be advised that you and your entire wee statured family could fit in it.

Montana said...

Do you iron your nut sack? It looks very crisp

Anonymous said...

How about raffling off one or more of the Meet Dicky posters at the next Trailblazers meeting - you know, as a benefit for the club?