Friday, April 8


It's been a busy week. Things have fallen through the cracks. It's time to get them back out.

Six Hours of Warrior Creek. The real problem?

Photo cred: Ryan Sigsbey

Number 13. I checked all the old race plates I have on the wall. Never have I been served the unlucky #13. I shoulda known that not only had my luck for the race been affected but for the Team Topeak Ergon contest as well. I've had the #66 four times and #6 two times, not to mention my awesome Micheal Jordan #23 from the Burn 24 Hour Race. Never a 13.

13... balls.

If I get it again I will throw it in the promoters face and go home.

I am no longer sour about the contest I lost earlier this week. Life is still good, I have my health, two or three Canadians are headed my way to share beers and trail with before the weekend is over, and I've still got this coming up:

Sure there's PMBAR before that, but right now the big meal coming up on my plate is TSE. So far four people have taken advantage of my Trans-Sylvania Epic Incentive Package, which means I only have one left to offer. When they're gone, they're gone. I mean, where am I gonna come up with more Chill Bottles, That Butt Stuff, and Awesome Strap Whammer Deals?

I want to do another stage race (or two) before the year is over. Todd Branham has decided to open up a blogger's contest for the Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race for 2011. I guess I'm a little late to the party in noticing the due date for the application, March 31st. Maybe you could send him a bottle of scotch with your application... who knows. I haven't seen the voting open up yet, so maybe there is still time.

Speaking of voting, this is for someone else, not me (occasionally I do things for others).

I was contacted by Anthony Delorenzo (fellow Misfit rider and all around swell guy) to endorse his pink Industry Nine wheel riding wife and help her get a free ride to the 2011 BC Bike Race. She is one of the eleven local Kazlaw mountain bikers up for a chance for a free ride.

Read about Sierra here, vote for her here, and watch her ride here:

Hopefully next week I'll have images of Canadians in the NC wild... and in a bar. Imagine that, a Canadain drinking beer and maybe even some milk out of something other than a plastic bag.


clay said...

I got a free entry to the PMBSR by attempting to discuss trail work on mtbr (some might say by acting like a jerk, but whatever). Much easier than writing ten 500 word blog entries!

dicky said...


Sean said...

I believe that superstition dictates the #13 must be run upside down.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

I can't wait to scoop Dicky on the blue bins. When he's sleeping, I'm going to expose to the world what's inside!

p.s. thank you to the Pie and your daughter for sharing Dicky on this important weekend.

Jill said...

Yeah! Vote for Sierra!

Adventure Nell said...

Thanks for promoting Sierra, she is a fantastic rider and a hell of a lot of fun!!!!!

the original big ring said...

You have an extra large plunger in your bathroom?

Kark said...

Milk is in bags but again, and for the record, orange juice is not.

now you call all sleep easy with that torturous little query quashed!