Wednesday, May 25

I am the law

I used to own this shirt in college.

I lost it at some point. Now it's worth $150-200? Sounds like it's still undervalued. Mine was even customized, no sleeves and cut short at the midriff.

Anyways, I am the law around here. Yesterday I deleted a comment that was posted early in the morning. I don't know if I was in a bad mood, or if I'm just getting tired of random anonymous comments. Not the occasional anonymous "pussy" comments, but the shouts from a dark room type stuff. Throwing out shit from behind the wall of anonymity that is the internet. There's a place for that kinda thing. It's called MTBR.

Rip on me all you want. I allow it, and for the most part, encourage it.

Want to slam other people? Go to the comments on their blog or start your very own vile website full of cycling oriented hatred.

Want to slam products without providing some kinda background information or at least a name (BTW: the offending comment was about a non-sponsor's product)?

I got four words for you; emm, tea, bee, arrrrr.

My friend Mike Brown used to say, "Own your words with your name... unless you're calling someone a pussy."

Speaking of ripping on me, Mike Cushionbury posted a false interview with yours truly over on the Trans-Sylvania Epic website. I can't believe he'd put that crap on the internet.

Apparently we need to let Sue Haywood in on our not so private little joke.

Missouri Miller knows that I'm the law. When I first met him, he was all like " I swear there's nothing in the bag officer."

Is that a pack of Altoids in your pocket, or do you just have a funny shaped dick?

If you bothered to read Mike's inflammatory words there is a small amount of truth to what he has to say... very small.

I can be very pretty.

I also intend to steal some of Grig's Club Ride Apparel. It's only because it seems like it's something I wasn't meant to have, and like a true American, that makes me want it all the more.

I won a size medium something or other at SSAZ, but their medium was too large for my small body. I ended up re-gifting it to Dough so he could wear it when he rides his bike to the salon.

I bet he drove the other girls getting perms that day insane with jealousy.

I tried to finagle one of the Dirt Rag special Dirt Fest issue jerseys, but even pulling departmental strings netted me zero jerseys.

Looks like I'll end up wearing my $2.50 Value Village Apparel shirt again this year.

I'm gonna hold out until Club Ride gets with the program and starts doing some silk screen work anyways.

Don't forget...

You won't fuck around no more.


George said...

Antrax. Awsesome
wv:frisse, is it me or does Dough's hair look frisse today?

allan said...

Love that song. $200 for that shirt? Wow. I should've saved all my old concert t's. Good luck at TSE.

dougyfresh said...

Got a cassette player? I'll bring that album to TSE.

My name is Stephen said...

I wonder how much my old DC Talk t-shirt is worth...

Karen said...

Don't feel bad Dicky - nobody got special Club Ride shirts! They were lost in some kind of vortex in the area. Hope that vortex doesn't get us at TSE...

rersingl = Finnish for "badass singlespeed"

Jason said...

Dude, I had that Anthrax image on a T shirt when I was like 18. Sort of miss those days. And I saw them open for Ozzy. Dear God....

I hate anonymous comments. I won't allow them, or every other comment would be how I am a big douche (I know I am).

Make sure you tell Karen how stacked she is. She is a bit worried about the stackness of the women's field. But I thin she'll do just fine. ;)

Good luck at TSE, have fun, or be prepared for lots of anonymous comments about doucheness.


Montana said...

It is shaped like a tin box. Maybe I'll drive out to state college to rub it in your face

dicky said...

Single speed nude wrestling starts at 7:30PM every night, just after the awards.

Montana said...

Perfect. I'll bring a few tubs of jello

Chris said...

I wonder how much my Def Leppard Women shirt with sides cut out is worth? Oh, and I think "for the birds" is Sue's highest form of cussing.