Monday, May 23

Shit Fit

Saturday I got out for what will be my last mountain bike ride before the Trans-Sylvania Epic. I forced The Dude, Zac, and Kurt out of bed at a God awful hour, and although Kurt 's idea of God awful was about twenty minutes later then the rest of us, we made it out to Wilson's Creek and were mounted up by 8:30AM. Four people and four bikes in a Honda Fit?

Mon Dieu.

C'est incredible.

Three bikes on the Raxter Thorax and my bike (in pieces) in the back. With a little Tetris type packing it worked out well, aside from bottoming out the hitch while driving a little too fast down a forest road. Yes, I scratched up the interior, and no, I did not cover the offending scratchy parts of my bike with the blanket that is always in the trunk.

Like any good Wilson's ride we started with the @8 mile climb that ascends something like 2,400 feet to some trail that I am never sure if we are supposed to mention the name or not. While waiting to start our day in a more leg friendly direction, Zac and Kurt cleaned house in the woods.

I forgot to take out my camera for most of the ride. It's just how I do things. I did roll up on Zac, who you may remember as my 2011 PMBAR partner from a few weeks ago, sitting at the edge of the trail.

I thought he was working on something, but as I got closer I could hear him mumbling under his breath.

"They can't has you, precious. They wanted the precious back, but they can't has the precious. It was that hobbitses Eric Wever that wanted you back, precious. You're my precious, always will be my precious."

Great ride, aside from the fact that my potential Double Dare partner is turning less Sméagol and more Gollum every day.

Expect short'esque posts all week long.

I'm blog tapering for the TSE.


Anonymous said...

"cleaned house in the woods" could have multiple meetings (much like "dropped the kids off at the poo-ol")

There, I added a poo joke to your short blog for the day.

Karen said...

Where does one have to put that wooden nickel to be rendered invisible?

For future reference, "incroyable" is French for incredible.