Friday, June 24

I wasted too much time with photoshop this morning

I got my latest copy of Dirt Rag in the mail the other day.

The mailman must have wanted to test it for nutritional content. Inside, of course, is yet another article of massive brilliance from yours truly, along with a sweet photo from Big Worm.

This issue is one of my favorites. There's a great article by Guitar Ted about gravel road racing (AKA Gravel Grinders).

There's also a pretty tits article from Missouri Miller about his trip out to the Breck Epic last year.

He writes pretty well for a teenager. I'm thinking about adding him to my "department" at Dirt Rag. I can pay him in Ramen noodles, and he will like it.

There's also a little piece on the new Hayes Primes.

It's not as thorough or entertaining as my review, but hey what do you expect? I'm not writing reviews for Dirt Rag... yet.

In other magazines that are no longer magazines, Mountain Bike did a little internet piece called "11 for 11."

"Every year, when new model-year bikes are introduced, there are a handful that stop us in our tracks."

And what bike was number one? As if there were any doubts...

My bike is so awesome. Click, read, wish you had one.

I know I promised to post some A E Landes photos from the Trans-Sylvania Epic, and I totally failed yesterday. Here's me not breaking the promise today.

I'm amazed that Abe was able to capture the exact moment when I ripped my legs apart.

That would be some sort of muscle separating from one of its attachment points.


Speaking of "victory", The Pie returns today from Give Kids the World, and I accomplished my goal of making a six pack of New Belgium Trippel last the whole week. I came out of the locker room a little hard, paced myself mid-game, and enjoyed the final beer last night.

Who am I kidding?

I can put together a great drive, but when I get in the red zone...

I win.


TheMutt said...

I enjoyed your Dirt Rag article, even though it was a little creep with all the prison stuff.

BTW, Ranger is the best. That is all.

Rob said...

2nd' the ranger. Had it down at Pisgah Tavern last week and brought a 12 pack back to tide me over till NB hits shelves in Aug/Sept. I should have bought a 2nd.

Montana said...

I would be honored to be the Assistant to the Head of the Dick Department. But I would require an occasional can of chicken with my noodles

Anonymous said...

That's weird that Dirt Rag got white Primes. Maybe they got yours and you got theirs?

delux said...

forget the ramen.. i just nibble on the corner of my dirt rag when i need sustenance.

dougyfresh said...

strong enough for a man but made for a man built like a woman... who is two apples tall.

Friendo said...

What am I supposed to think when a guy named Dick says he "...came out of the locker room a little hard"???