Friday, August 26

Waiting for the worms

Although I did wake up early to write a post, I was off yesterday. I was expecting my bike back from Breckenridge VIA the brown truck. I wanted to build it up with the SID fjörk that nobody bothered to buy from me over the last couple weeks and try it out AGAIN. The Superbeast is still out of service as the rear shock is still in warranty. The Propedal had been downgraded to Semi-Propedal for quite some time, and with only three days left on my warranty, I decided to address the issue.

So I woke up, got right to blogging, walked Fajita to her first day of school, started on an article for Dirt Rag, killed time, killed more time, killed even more time, went to wait for Fajita's bus, and killed more time.

Fajita's bus was over an hour late.

Then all hell broke loose.

The mailman pulled up to the corner. Would he have my FOX shock or maybe my long overdue copy of Dirt Rag 158 Ed? Then the UPS man rumbled by.


I made chase.

It was not a heated chase in any way, shape, or form.

As I chastised the UPS man for driving around with my bike all day forcing me to watch strange Enter the Dragon boy videos to fill my void, the school bus pulled up.

Yes, right behind the mailman, who did not have a FOX shock, but did have my new Dirt Rag.

Overwhelmed with all the new input, I managed to reassemble the Misfit diSSent Bröntöawesömeöus Meatplow V.5 with the unwanted-by-the-general-public SID fjörk (I wish nobody woulda showed me those umlaut shortcuts, this might get excessive). I went for an overexcited ride at the Backyard Trails and ran my shoulder into a tree within the first ten minutes.


Back home, I tore into the pages of my new Dirt Rag. Aside from another stellar article from me (anti-advice for stage racing), I noticed a review of the Backcountry Research Hitch Strap. I had to help Josh mount it back in June at the TSE (not testicular self-exam) as he wanted to stuff a CO2, multi-tool, tube, tire lever, and a Mountain Pipe mini-pump into his mighty load. We managed to get it all in there, but not mentioned in the review was the fact that no matter how hard I tried, I could not get a Race Strap to fit on the seat/seatpost combo Karen Brooks was running on her borrowed Orbea. I was dumbfounded, and I eventually I threw in the towel, giving her an old school strap I had brought with me.

One of the many reasons I'm happy to see the return of the new and improved Back Forty strap. Any load, anywhere, any time. Any confusion? Watch the video.

So easy, a caveman would do it... all night long.

Today I will read the rest of the magazine... my article will be read twice.

I mentioned some t-shirts Peter may or may not make before I left for Breckenridge.

He made them, or more to the point, he paid Jeff Wu of Alchemist Threadworks to make them.

Some were distributed at the Breck Epic, as evidenced by this photo I found of promoter Mike McCormack at the end of stage six/start of stage seven:

photo from Colby Pearce's coverage of said event

They look like this, only with bigger print. Some are currently in Peter's possession. Some are left over and at my house right now. I have five larges, four mediums, and one small left. They are $20+ some nominal shipping charge (I gotta ask the guy at the post office today).

Email me at teamdicky at hotmail dot com if you want one or ten and have some sort of paypal account. When they are gone, they are gone.

Almost matching belt buckle not sold separately


Anonymous said...

Züg Züg!


Anonymous said...

Does buying a T-shirt help pay for great bike race or just buy Petah's beer? If the former, I'll take a large.