Thursday, November 17

More nudity, mostly mine this time, still sorta safe for work

I realize that some of my female readers might have been offended by yesterday's post (which just happened to be one of my most viewed posts in a long while). Not because of the whole "objectification of women thing", but because they would rather see half naked men (or for full naked, stick around till the end of the post) more than they want to see half naked women. Remember that I am the blogger that brought you wondrous joys in the past such as the Shirtless Club for Men:

I also brought you a shirtless Dejay Birtch...

as well as his better side:

How could you forget Fixie Dave Nice and his erotic Ergon Bio Cork oral fixation?

There was the time that I brought you the best of the best action from SSWC08 in Napa, Captain Morgan's Tightie Whitey Eating Ass:

I shared with you Pedro Non Grata's raspberry buttock slip, "Ooops, how did that happen?"

Lest we forget the male reaction to the objectification of a woman's bouncy bits holding a seatpost...

or the artistic shot of a half clothed and very vulnerable Kelly Klett.

And what about all that celebrity pron....

Bike Rumor's Master and Commander, Tyler "Captain Tool Bag" Benedict:

Honorary Shirtless Club for Men member Gunnar "Old Sexy Man" Shogren:

And who could forget this "come hither, lover" look from George "The Don't Call Me Baller for Nothing" Wisell:

It's not like I haven't made sacrifices of my own to please the ladies.

I even went man-on-man with Trans-Sylvania Epic promoter Mike Kuhn:

Who else goes that far for their lady readers?

None go that far.

I decided to go a step further. I broke out the 2006 Trans Rockies DVD, and went looking for Naked Mile footage. I found the part where Josh the Wonderboy shows his goods to the world, but I wasn't happy with the images I was able to snag from the video.

Not satisfied with the results I was getting, I decided to take the time to give you the best that I could deliver. presenting the never seen before by anyone other than the entire field of racers at the 2006 Trans Rockies, the staff, the volunteers, and everybody else in Canada, I give you my 1st place award winning Naked Mile 360° Cyclocross Dismount.

2005 Trans Rockies Naked Mile

Ladies, I don't know if you use the term "spank bank", but if you do, you might wanna open another account because I'm sure your current one is now full.


matt mccluskey said...

I'd have to say this is one of your most disturbing posts yet.

gwadzilla said...

yesterday I was on the bike path in the rain... I was wearing Gortex pants and Gortex jacket that may not really work as well as they once did... but trying to stay dry...

the rain drops were cold AND WET!

short into my less than epic ride I saw a man with a bike loaded down in panniers with no shirt... no gloves... just helmet, shorts, and shoes

it looked as cold as it looked stupid

but I guess in some circles... HE LOOKED HOT!

Karen said...

Hi Gwadzilla! Were his nipples hard?

Thanks Dicky for doing your part to provide equal eye candy. In the future - soft lighting works wonders.

I feared for the safety of the Wonderboy's twig and berries on that re-mount...

Adventure Nell said...

Wow...that was equal parts awesome and horrific...thanks for this..I think

dicky said...

Karen, You feared for The Wonderboy's twig and berries when I remounted? I can assure you his berries were far from my twig at the time.

Anonymous said...

This has to be the gayest bike post yet. You in bibs? You are Gollum!

Anonymous said...

I gotta get me a Moots post. WOWZA!

Chris said...

Dude, you're not wearing a helmet?

Anonymous said...

That's World Champion Gollum to you...son.