Monday, April 30

Racing, but not at a race

Trans Iowa, Whiskey 50, and the Cohutta 100 all took place this weekend.  I was at none of them, but I did spend some time perusing the various sites and facebook checking out the results and whatnot.



I feel like I raced 450 miles without leaving my bike room.

Congrats to the winners, better luck next time to the not winners, and to Dejay....

Please keep your pants on.

I did get a ride in of mine own.  After thinking about the upcoming PMBAR and Pisgah 111K (The Eleventy One), I came up with a choice route.  Chris Strout from Cane Creek brought his posse, and I brought mine.  For the Pisgah in the knowers:

 squiggly lines courtesy of Jerry

Laurel Mtn>Pilot>1206>Gauging Station Rd>S Mills>Squirrel>Cantrell>S Mills>Mullinax>Squirrel>Laurel Creek>5015

A great ride indeed.  The trails were in awesome shape, the group moved at a pleasant but aggressive pace, and no one got (terribly) hurt. I was able to use my new Fönbag that I received on Friday, but just because I had my phone on me does not mean that I've learned to pull it out and take photos often, and when I do get it out, I still figure out a way to block the lens with my finger 75% of the time.

Chris's team had two wrecks while my team managed to keep it upright'esque the whole day.  I would say that if that were the means with which one were judging us, we won.

I'm pretty happy about the way the new Fönbag turned out.  It's what I wanted it to be, and hopefully what you want it to be.  I'll share more info when they're available at Backcountry Research.  While I am not a Strava motivated rider, I do carry my phone with me for emergencies, navigation, music, photos, and lame attempts at using the angle finder app to judge steep grades.  It's nice to keep it safe in my pocket and protected.

I've been very fortunate lately. Many, many, many rides in the mountains, and the way things are shaping up I've got three more weekends in a row to look forward to.  And then it's one weekend off before the seven day Trans-Sylvania Epic.

I'm gonna like May.

I spent Saturday night trying to ensure a classless single speed class at the Breck Epic this fall.

Got an opinion?  Chime in.

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john parker said...

not on FB so I will have to (or get to?)chime in here.....

I say no to any age cat's with SS simply for the reason that's it's the only cat that has is even in the slightest way equipment related

if u want to poach as age group and u are a former pro then race your ss with the age group.

hey way back Adam Craig poached a World cup podium (in Italy) on a SS