Tuesday, May 1

Failing all over the place

After Saturday's ride, I returned to my car to find this:

This individual that was smart enough to graduate from Clemson (or at least buy a used car from a Clemson alumni) parked so close to me in a totally empty lot that I had to Bo Duke my way into my Fit.

There was much less woo-hoo'ing and just a bit more boo-hoo'ing.

On Sunday, I wanted to go for a recovery ride on the Fire Mare, now complete with two bottle cages...

I didn't mention that?

I didn't do the work.  My job was to make sure the holes were going in on-center and lined up straight, but I kept getting distracted by the shiny objects in Jerry's garage.  Measure twice, drill once, yank drill to the left three times... install Rivnut.

Anyways, I rolled out of my house towards the greenway.  I entered through the park, and quickly got distracted by the trails that were built illegally yet enjoyed by every dog walking family in the neighborhood.

Dog walking gnar.

I spent over an hour exploring the trails-not-trails before I finally got back to the greenway.  My back was killing me from trying to ride some of the steeper pitches on a 50X22, but when I got to the flat gravel path I did what every lycra wearing asshole does on a greenway... I pinned it.

No time for recovery.  Drop the hammer and steer clear of the slow walkers.  Greenway folk do not like my kind, but what did I expect?  They're just farmers, people of the land.  The common clay of the new West.

The Pie told me that I was free to do what I wanted on Monday night, so I loaded the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 up on my rack and did something I absolutely hate.   I jumped into vehicular traffic with everybody else headed towards the big buildings.

I rolled around town all day making my deliveries on a regrettable 32X19.  I found Big Worm and asked him if he wanted to join me at the trailhead after work.

photo cred: Big Worm
 "Hey Dicky, look closely at my new iPhone and protective iCondom."

He said he had prior commitments, so there would be no trail riding for him that evening.  Sadly enough, there would be none for me either.  My bike suffered a mechanical around 3:50PM that would make it non-trail worthy, so I loaded my bike back up, headed to the beer aisle, and called it a day.

At home, enjoying the fruits of my fail and working on my bike, I got this in a text:

Apparently Big Worm wanted to give me a big surprise and meet me at Sherman Branch.  He waited a half hour for me, and for that I am sorry not sorry.  I mean, he got to ride his bike in the woods, and I was at home drowning my sorrows.  Who's more sorry?

Trying to get all this fail out of my system before the weekend.  Failure will not be an option at the 2012 PMBAR.


pv said...

Where ever do you find the time for fitness???? Jeebus.

I grew a beard. So now I'm cool.

Billy Fehr said...

More product, less broken middle finger bastard.