Wednesday, May 2

I hate the word... Quiver


Five single speeds: two fixed and three freewheel burning

Four rigid forks and one squish (one rigid fork in the hole)

Three frames made in the US of A, one in China, and one in Canada eh

Three aluminum frames, one steel, and one ti

Four and a half Cane Creek headsets

Four flat bars and one "alternative" bar from Misfit Psycles

Zero flat pedals and zero dropper posts

Three Race Face cranks and two Shimano (Dura Ace and XT)

Five images of Paolo Pezzo (MTB's original poster girl)

Two quick releases and one QR15 

Two EBB's, two track fork ends (horizontal), and one Paragon slider

One square taper, one Octalink, and three external bottom brackets

One c.1990 full-wave waterbed converted into a bike rack

Five Silverado saddles on five 27.2 seatposts.  This means that if I ever develop a meth habit, I can sell four post/saddle combos to finance my next few bumps and still be able to ride all five bikes.  Victory!


Anonymous said...

What do you mean 'if'?

kbark said...

Bike room pics? Blog fodder must be in short supply these days.

Anonymous said...


your blog is being replaced with this one:

the original big ring said...

Quiver sounds like Quiff.

Anonymous said...

Silverado's are about as comfortable as sitting on a pair of cowboy boot spurs.

Face it, if you become a meth head, you'll sell all five saddles and steal some duct taped pos off of someone's bike.

Anonymous said...

What happen to your F/S SS that made u crash all the time. No more Tallboy love? It provided great video.

dicky said...

FS/SS proved to be futile, and I'm not fat enough to need gears yet... or flat pedals and dropper posts.

OrangeCreamCycle said...

There is a post about $20 socks, mystery bins, and bike room makeovers but apparently the shunning of the superbeast is not blog worthy. You have more road type bikes than mountain type bikes. Soon you will be littering and only carrying one water bottle per 100 miles. I'm going to have to stop reading your blog until the balance is returned. good day sir.... I said Good Day!

wv: srance eentsdi

As in you road bikers love to pretend like you are in the tour de srance.

pv said...

Moustaches are too Freddy Mercury-esque.

Here's two things you hate- Quivers and STRAVA.


dicky said...


Many bikes have come and gone. The only bike that's been around since 2006 would be TFBITW. The passing of none of them has been blog worthy. Burning bridges and taking names.

CB2 said...

The Original Big Ring makes me quiver