Thursday, November 8

More death to do

Another post regarding The Death of the Cycling Blog?

Why not?

I mean what else could I possibly talk about?   It's not like anything really important happened since I last posted.

I already covered the super-saturation effect, so let's talk about the fact that too many bloggers bought into the fact that they are as boring as they think they are.  This is how it happens. Cycling blogger (hereinafter referred to as CB) starts a blog.

CB's friend's and family (F&F) reads blog.

CB continues to write blog and readership grows beyond F&F.

Readership plateaus.  More people are reading CB's blog then he/she would have ever imagined, but the plateau is frustrating nonetheless.

CB gets sad.  Wonders what the problem is.  Wonders why he/she is doing this.  Starts to believe that his/her blog must suck balls.

CB is left uninspired, and thusly thinks that he/she has nothing to write about.

CB lets the blog content suffer.

CB's readership dwindles as people lose interest.

CB says "fuck it" and stops blogging.

What CB doesn't realize is that bored people will read about boring stuff as long as you don't make it boring.  Steve Tilford, who has lived (and is living) an amazing life as a pro cyclist ever since I was six years old, has only been blogging since May 2011.  Already he is pulling down big numbers in comparison to the average blogger (granted, he is Steve Tilford).  Has has hobnobbed with some major industry elitists and raced against some of the best of the best.  You would think he would never run out of interesting stories, yet he can write a blog post about erecting a fence or fixing his clapped-out Isuzu.  People still read it.  Why?

Because people love a story.  A blog is a look into someone's life, and as sad as it is, people love reality... other people's reality.  I love the fact that one day he is snaking out a drain (and blogging about it)

and then another day he's putting the wood to a very competitive field at the Berryman Epic...

That's Steve celebrating his win from the bumper of his clapped-out Isuzu.

My point is that life is not all bike racing, winning, training, and what you had for dinner last night.  Life is what happens when you're not sleeping, and it should be anything but boring.

Thad just figured it out recently.  Three blog posts in the last week.  Sure there were pitcures from his dog's ball-cam run on the beach...

And to prove that living in the sticks is getting to him, he took photos of his Battle of Verdun 4:1 scale replica currently under construction.

Apparently the chickens were quite large in 1916.

Point being, if you already have a cycling blog but haven't updated it in awhile because it's the "off-season," go update the damn thing already.  That or delete it from the internet all together and start a Twitter account so I can see the Instagram photos of your lunch and read your very convincing political viewpoints.


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AdamB said...

Simple as that; just post about other posts. Thanks for continuing to give this loser something to read over his morning cup of joe...

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