Tuesday, November 6

Where are the clowns?

I forgot some important stuff yesterday.

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to get into the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek before it closed in JUST 36 MINUTES.  The Last Minute Death Machine will be returning to 6 hour co-ed duo racing.  Although this is not the 6 Hour Duo Coed World Championships, we will still be putting in a glorious effort... unless we don't.

Secondly, yesterday was Gerry "The Pflug" Pflug's birthday.  His co-workers celebrated his birthday in the typical "The Pflug" pfashion.

So, The Death of the Cycling Blog...

Where to begin?

Last week, upon realizing that cycling blogs are dead, I decided to clean up my sidebar.  I dropped about 10-15 blogs that haven't posted since toe-clips fell out of fashion.  There was still too much dead weight over there, so I changed the settings so that only the 25 most recently updated blogs will appear to the right and in order of most recent to most dormant.

All the grand ideas I had about the topic I thought I would be able to expundiate profusely about dissolved into the hazy mist of a great weekend.  Let's see what I can remember...

The single most important reason behind the Death of the Cycling Blog would be the super saturation of the blogosphere with uninteresting people.  Everybody jumped on the bandwagon for different reasons.

They thought it would be fun.

They thought it would get them sponsors.

They thought it looked easy.

They thought they weren't boring.

The cycling blogosphere became a big bowl of Halloween candy.  There was so much to choose from, it was easy to gorge yourself for days.  Eventually you get down to just the shitty candy and after eating yourself sick on Nerds and Starburst, you lose interest in the bowl all together.  Overcome with the guilt of too many chocolate binges and sugar feasts, you turn to beer for solace...


That's not an analogy.  That's the last week of my life.

Anyways, there were just too many blogs at a point when people turned to Twitter and Facebook looking for quick tidbits of information as opposed to grandiose story telling.  Bloggers were either losing their readership or never gaining the numbers they thought possible.  With the staggering realization that they were spending many hours a week writing for a hundred people, they quit just like that.

And that has made it hard on the rest of us.  Okay, just me.

I enjoyed the back and forth between blogs and bloggers.  The faux rivalry's, smack talk, linking back and forth, insults, praise (false, of course), ribbing, cajoling... all the interaction that made blogging fun.

Well, at least for me.  No more Dean (Grig) Martin for my Jerry Lewis.  No more Dumb for my Dumber.  No more Sean Astin for my Pauly Shore.

Unrelated find while researching...

More when I think there's more.


George said...

Wow! I'm still there!

tomi said...

yay, I made the cut should I write a new post just to bump up in your sidebar???

Andrea said...

It's like blogger thunderdome over there

Chris said...

What's wrong with Starburst?

TheMutt said...

I'm in too, but probably because I give you beer on occasion.

Anonymous said...

Analogy/non-analogy was awesome. Nice.

Max said...

I don't have a blog but I have lots of dick hair all around my dick and balls. I use Prell on it.