Monday, November 5

Sometimes you eat the bar...

I feel like this weekend, I ate the bar.  I got shit accomplished on Saturday... hellashit.  Things that have been on my wind, weighing me down, looking over my shoulder.  I have been purged of a lot of dead weight on a physical and mental level.  Good times...

On Sunday, I headed over to the Big Stampede swap meet with Stabby and Eric Former Van Driver.  I had a shopping list and a pocket full of Benjamins.  Everything on that list was purchased, most if not all of the Benjamins remained in my pocket, and I am now a happy consumer.

I am also now gay.

The Fire Mare, which was so recently set up hybrid style with flat bars, finally got a more cross'esque look in the cockpitial area.  I am not insinuating that drop bars are gay, just cross racing.

And not in a homophobic manner of speaking.  More like a Louis CK "I miss that word" kinda way.

The white SRAM Make the Leap bar tape is atrocious, but it was super cheap and worth it before I fully commit to this alternative lifestyle. 

I might have stared too longingly at a crabon fibre full squish.

photo cred: Mudman

I had to go through the whole process in my head.  Find it sexy, see no reason not to buy it, ride it, have fun for awhile, get annoyed with gears, get annoyed with full suspension, get annoyed with myself for making this bad decision yet again, sell it for a loss, vow not to go down that road again.

I walked away.

Upon leaving the swap meet, Stabby, Eric, and I headed over to the Backyard Trails, and I found my mojo that had went missing about two weeks ago.  Stem flipped to the positive, brakes adjusted, worn-out chainring replaced, heavy clunky tire removed, Fjox fjork fjully fjucked with...  the Dickstickel Meatplow V.6 was in full effect.

Speaking of the Dickstickel Meatplow V.6...

It has a starring role over on the updated for 2013 Backcountry Research site.

Ain't that sweet.

They also finally, finally, finally added some images to the gallery.   Sponsored riders, different mounting positions, and pretty scenery.  So much to see and do, it's like a field trip to a bath mat factory.


Big E said...

More like a field trip to a strap on factory...

Anonymous said...

Heard they're not for recommended for use by children under 8