Monday, March 18

Minty Fresh and Warming

Camping occurred.  Riding took place.  Beers were drank.  It was a weekend that would best be described as "epic," but will not be because I absolutely loathe the term.  The weather conditions were perfect, and the trails were primo.  My absolute only complaint would have been that I brushed my teeth with Icy Hot Sunday morning.  I can't blame anyone for that, except for Sideshow Garth "Buju Banton" Prosser.

I took zero pictures.  As a matter of fact, I only pulled out my phone every morning to make sure there were no emergent texts from The Pie, clicked over to my email to make sure it was filling up with time consuming crap, and then turned in off.  As little connection to the outside world as possible with minimal interference from electronic devices.  It's quite liberating.

I have no legitimate estimates on total ride distance from the first day.  I only know that our route was a 7 on a normal 10 scale but at least an 8 out of 10 on a March fitness based scale.  We had a fair number of super troopers on the ride including none other than 2011 SSWC World Champion, Heather Holmes.

I behaved well, limited my consumption in order to get in two days of big riding, got in 1.5 big rides, went home, and ate everything in the house.
I did bump into the Dirt Rag crew.  They were going to be doing a magazine type ride (pedal, take a photo, pedal, take a photo, coast, take a photo, take a photo, take a photo).  Their goals did not jive with our agenda.  There was not social mixer between the two groups, but at least you won't be staring at blank pages in a few months,

Not really being all that concerned with winning the Niner contest I mentioned last week, I had a chance to look at the voting last night.  I noticed some inconsistencies early on with the voting, something similar to another contest I saw run over on  Friday night,  I let my friendly Niner rep know what I had seen in the past.  I'm pretty sure everything is good now that I've seen the recent results.

Over 800 entries, and the clear winner is WNC9 (Wolf Nipple Chips) with 48.8% of the vote.  Obviously there is something wrong with the system since when you add up the results you get hundreds of percents.  Anyways, I'm sure Niner will pick what they like and that's that.  Sadly, I think Wolf Nipple Chips will not be used as it's not very PC... meaning that Misfit Psycles will probably have something named Wolf Nipple Chips in the near future for sale to you, at great profit, and then some loss.  He could even paint it red.

Perhaps he can also use the term "schralp" in a product name, as I am sure it is headed to the waste bin with 800 or so other shit names. 

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