Tuesday, October 15

Leave the "epic" at home

Reaction to the new Enduro™ sticker upgrade kit has been whelming.  Not quite over but definitely not under.  Demand has not outreached the supply.  Some are gone, some remain, some are getting stuck in a random manner as I wander about the house.

My stainless steel Southern Single Speed drinking vessel (otherwise known as SSSSSDV) received an Enduro™ upgrade last night, adding at least 10% more ABV to my Baby Maker (YRMV).

Want one for yourself?  Read yesterday's post for acquisition instructions.

This past weekend was one of trail work that was anything but Enduro™.

photo cred: Gentle Ginger
On Sunday, Hubbs led a group of Faster Mustaches and others around the woods to get the trails ready for the Back Yard Epic Enduro Experience.   We did some things that were necessary.
photo cred: Gentle Ginger
Where there was once a washed-out chasm with a dilapidated crossing, there is now a bridge you could drive a tank across if one needed to.

Left unattended, I was distracted way too many times.

"Hey Hubbs, can we build a jump here?   What about here?  This could be a jump."

All told, at least four new opportunities to get your wheels off the ground were built that day through the efforts of those fine young men (and woman).  We ended the day late and hungry.

Registration is swelling... like a bloated tick.  Numbers are up 15% from last week.  I know some folks are waiting to see what the weather will look like closer to the race, but as of now we only need one more woman for a complete podium.  Registration will close Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 12:01 AM (essentially Friday at midnight), and maybe it's a good thing people are clutching their wallets/purses so tightly.  If we had that money in our pockets right now, we'd probably blow it on streamers and a piñata or two.

Don't forget, for $20 you not only get some sweet racing action (not STRAVA, you douchebags) FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER AT THE BACK YARD, there's also prizes, a party at Sir Ed's, and Terrapin Recreation Ale.

Not that much, but I assure you it's tasty and a great way to end the day.

On another note, I spent way too much time looking at this yesterday:

for no good reason at all.


Nate said...

You're wondering how a 1x1 would handle as a 29/27.5... That's why I've been looking at em, anyway.

Nate said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh son of a-- Whereas I'm thinking this joint is busted and I'm leaving the same comment over and over, wondering why it blanks out instead of posting, this "comment moderation has been enabled" business has been staring at me the whole time. Whoops.

dicky said...

It will handle a 650b wheels splendidly. Proven.