Thursday, October 17

The sun don't rise and shine on the corner grocery

No updates on the status of the Wilkes 100k on Twitter, but with the government shut down over, it's more than likely going to happen.  Being the pessimist that I am (was), I had counted on the politicos to remain bogged down, thus canceling the race.  Instead of continuing to diet, I went the other way.  Not quite full-Ullrich mode, but at the very least, half-Ullrich.

So it looks like I'm racing 100k in a little over two weeks, which I have to admit sounds like a lot of k's right now.  I am lé tired... and lé fatter.

I am in fact going to the cyclocross race Saturday... to meet up with Drew from Industry Nine to go further down the rabbit hole.   Still don't think I'm racing.  Don't wanna bitch about the price anymore, because after some searching yesterday, I see that I do that almost every year.  The last time I raced cross was sooo long ago.

photo cred: Lee Flythe
Way back when fixed gears were still legal.

I do miss it, as silly as it is.  Sorta fun, in a kickball kinda way.  I even wasted a few minutes of my life trying to figure out a way to have people donate money to the Humane Society of Charlotte, and when the donations hit $40-45, I would agree to pay out of my pocket to race.   But alas, those ideas did not come to fruition.  Now my participation will be decided by how much beer I can drink before 8:00PM tomorrow night, thus clouding my better judgment.

Here I am worried about riding around a park for a half hour and a measly 100k when I was so close to doing the Double Dare (registration is still open) in less than a month.  Seems silly.  Two twelve hour days in Pisgah will change a man (or woman)... or so I've heard.

Looking forward to an off-"season" of mild mayhem.  Rides in Pisgah, last minute road trips, the North American Handmade Bike Show in Charlotte, where despite rumors, I will probably not be the poster boy.

Even more important than NAHBS itself, the NAHBS party at The Spoke Easy, which will be seven times more fun than staring at fancy painted bikes built with way too many steel tubes.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

Currently, there is no beer in my fridge, thus lowering the chances of my being a participant this Saturday.  We'll see if that remains true for long.

"I even found myself driving past convenience stores . . . that weren't on the way home."

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