Monday, February 27

Prepper Rashe Yuns

This past weekend was heavy on Tour duh Charlotte preparations.  Very.

5:44AM Saturday morning.  Wake up because despite heavily medicating myself with Voodoo Ranger, my nose is on fire.  My eyes rolling around in sandpits.  Spring in February.  So awesome.  I love pollen.  I'm not supposed to wake up for another hour, but I give the fuck up. 

Make the infamous seven minute breakfast and head downstairs to my computer to fire it up.  It tells me that it wants to fail at attempting yet another update.  Okay.  Grab my phone.  I never plugged it in the night before.  1% battery.  Sizemore sleeping in the living room.  Electronic stimulation not going to happen anywhere.

Eat my breakfast and decide to rebuild the pedals on my work bike because it's downstairs, and they really need it.  More piddling around in my bike room...

12% updated...

21% charged...

Shit.  Eventually run out of things I can do quietly in the house without pissing off the other inhabitants.  Roll out at 8:00AM towards Savona Mill to clean up our race venue.

Such a pleasure to walk into an old building (with permission) and just be plain amazed.  Darkness.  Rich smells.  Slippery places.  Artifacts of decades ago.  Places where people did things some time ago that we might not want to talk about.

Push brooms and leaf blowers and picking up things that maybe I wouldn't touch if I had better lighting...

 A small crew but we pretty much have the place dialed... as far as cleanliness goes.

We got shit done and much stoke and emotional high-fiving followed.

I left and went to Bike Source for SPD cleats and then home.  Drank two beers and passed out on the couch until sometime much later.  Woke up drooling and later tried to finish The People VS OJ... but didn't make it.  The Pie said it was good though.  Dammit.

Sunday.  Another alarm.  On a weekend.  Fuck.  I still woke up twenty minutes early because Pester was poking me in the chest letting me know he needed... something.  Mebbe water.  Mebbe ball. 

My computer tried to update again (WTF), so seven minute breakfast and more piddling until I could entertain myself with "news" on my phone, which I remembered to charge this time.

Roll out of the house towards Savona Mill... again.  Pre-ride of the entire route and some stage lookie-looing on the menu.

Meet up with Lee, Courtney, Gwyn, Kürdt, Tod, Timmy, and Colin.  Ride off... for what is basically the first time the entire route has been ridden in one go.

The best part of the entire day... when people who haven't seen what were up to have that "where the hell are we and how did we get here?" moment.

Kürdt had no idea there was a sunflower river in Charlotte.

Anyways, plenty of surprises abound all over the place.

I'm boner stoked like I've never been before on the Tour duh Charlotte.  Dialed.

I wish I was racing and not helping to put on the best mountain bike stage race and urban trail adventure that Charlotte, NC has ever seen. 

Mebbe I quit the team for a month and come back?

Mebbe not.


Rob said...

I used to ride/drive by that mill on the regular, really cool to see it being used and hopefully renovated.

Rob said...

just noticed the article is from 2015. So is that place actually getting reworked, or just bike raced?

dicky said...

Eventually, the whole place will be offices and retail. As of right now, it's just got Blue Blaze Brewing at the south end of the building.