Wednesday, March 13

Enough of That

(in)Soles for days...

Gross?  Mebbe.


I keep old insoles that are in decent condition. I've found some shoes that fit like dog turds with stock insoles that work better with another brand.  I've got SIDIs inside a pair of Mavics, Mavics inside of Pearl Izumis... etc.

Probably still gross tho.

This was the main goal in doing all this (aside from making my eventual death less of a burden on my loved ones):

I've got usable space on my bench again.  No more bits of chain, busted pedals, empty Ziploc bags, almost used paper towel, broken iPhone 6, random lights, stickers... it was almost completely covered and pretty useless as an actual "work" bench.  Would be great if it were slightly higher for working on shit, but... good enough.

I'm definitely not saying that I've gone through 100% of my bits.  There's still a box of stuff full of things that I could probably sell for $10-30 a bit, but... effort.  And what if I need a 70mm stem again (I won't) or find myself wanting 670mm handlebars (nope)?

It's a small box, I swear. 

Oh, and there's this:

Probably the shamiest of the shames.  I see canti-posts, a derailleur mount bolt, a V-brake pad, Marzocchi air pump adapters, three (four?) different standards of crank bolts, Grip Shift cable door covers...

Ever since I moved into the new house and put this toolbox out in the washer closet, I've ignored it, aside from the lower two levels full of household tools... most of them found on the side of the road or "borrowed" from my father.  It's probably time to pitch the entirety of the bike-related contents and just make it a "home owner" tool box.


Mebbe I wait until next year, just in case.

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