Friday, March 15

Stealing Bread

I was really tossing around the idea of heading to the Croatan Buck Fifty garvel grinder this weekend, but I ended up deciding against it.  It sounds like a hell of a great time, but as the real "season" approaches, I'm feeling the urge to do things more in line with my eventual intentions.  Lots of flat garvel versus some time in the Pisgah (I haven't been there in over a month?)...

I need to get my climbing legs going.

Whilst I've been losing fitness gained from Winter Shart Tarck, my PMBAR partner Watts has done a mountain bike stage race in Israel, a garvel event in Utah, and he's going to the Buck Fifty this weekend.

Last weekend, I rode my bike to a brewery.

And back.

So to say our fitness is probably in two different places right now would be a fair assumption.

In order to gain some rapid fire motivation, Nick "Dip 'n Spray" Barlow and I are teaming up once again for the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek.  I think this is our fourth go at it?  We've been able to post up twice in the two spot on the podium and fall way short with a fifth a couple years ago.

I'd considered doing this race solo 50+, but it's not like I've been getting the kinda mileage in March that I used to back when six hours in the saddle sounded like something to do in April.  Not to mention, I've really been doing such a terrible job prioritizing events with a 50+ category, so why even pretend to have any focus right now?  Regardless of class (I've done Solo, 40+ Duo, and SS Duo), it always feels like the beginning of the "season" for me.  The race has been going on since '09, and I've been there every year.

Back when I wore white shoes... and raced a rigid single speed with pink wheels.

An incredibly groovy course with a million berms, great people, a lot of my little friends will be there, big payouts (if you can get a spot on the box), and last year there was free beer at the after party?  Still no word if that's coming back tho, but I'll take the risk.  There's still a few spots left, so as people get used to seeing the sun again, be prepared for the event to sell out.  It pretty much always do.

I'm also sorting out my stage race intentions.  If you'd read my last three posts, you'd know that sorting things takes time tho.

The morning after I got us registered for Warrior Creek, I stepped on the scale.

Let's just say (without saying much at all) that I have my work cut out for me. 


I'm an "athlete."

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