Monday, July 27


Yet another week of killing time in the woods with frands and a photo dump of some proportion short of epic but more than normal.  Once again, chronological order has been thrown out the window.

I halped Bill Nye make van life more better... by "halp," I mean I sat in that pink camping and offered my unsolicited advice.

Despite the rumble of thunder for a great part of the day, Colin, Bryan and I avoided rain almost as if we knew how to do just that.

How strange that whilst on a ride with one Nick B we would run into the other Nick B driving his sporting car (I'm sure that's what he called it).

Nick B hiding from the other Nick B because he thinks if they get too close it will violate some time travel rule that he learned watching Time Cop.  Also, #mountainpizza

Nick didn't wanna do the same old same old loop so we obvs found something much betterer.

Gnarly Gnick getting gnasty.

I like walking bikes in the woods with Nick.

Once again, rain was dodged like we were storm chasing but totally the opposite.

So many rides... so many #mountainpizza.  I can't keep it straight.

Captain Colin and Bryan doing the troll dance.

This snake.  Don't think I've seen this variety before.  He looked like he just ate two foot long meatball subsssssssss.
This bike, so good... although for some reason after a recent seal renewal, my lockout stopped locking out.  I like lockout.  I gotta figure out a fix right soon.

I was stoked to finally figure out that my SWAT bibs can handle not one but two slices of #mountainpizza.  SWAT bibs > fanny pack when you got capacious pockets in your Endurbro™ sharts.

Dr Mike and I... getting caught out in the rain... again.  I'm either his albatross or he mine.  

I asked Dr Mike to snag a picture of me sending it out into the puddle.  Four tries before he could fat-finger the button on my phone... and on that final try, I went as big as I could, over-shot the landing, and ended up in the weeds.

Dammit.  So muddy.  I'm gonna need to start packing paper plates.

So pretty tho... if you stop and look around... nature and stuff.  Member, kids.  The world isn't all shit.

Speaking of shit, a 25-30 mile ride made into a sub-20 because you can have enough of this at some point.

A dry ride with Dr Mike, albeit one thousand degrees outside, so only dry in the sky but not so much in my chamois.  I'd seen this feature online but not in person.  It was, as they say, STIL.  I took a very hard pass.  Kudos on a local trail having something this intimidating.  

Pulled the plug short on this ride because any ride that has a non-sweater like me to drink almost 46oz of water in just over an hour... is enough... if you wanna ride the next two days in an oven... again.

Bill Nye showing all the stoke after discovering his Race Face crabon crunk was doing the pedal wobble and waiting for two hours for a ride to start... in the rain.

Birthday boy Daily (Shirtless Club for Men member since 2016) and Andy were only 45 minutes late tho, so credit given where due.

Birthday "ride."  Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  Not a very good theme for the week.  Better than heat by by only about 15%.

I got lit up by a yellow jacket right at my mini-beard edge on a solo ride.  Only three miles in... I wanted to throw in the towel, ride home, drink beer... but it was only 11:00 AM, so I kept going.  Twenty plus miles in the tropical jungle that is the BYT will empty a man.  Fortunately, I could concentrate on my throbbing face part and ignore my cooked brain part.

I packed in one more ride with NO PHOTOS, but I swear it happened.  I got in almost thirteen hours on the mountain bike and over ten thousand feet of climbing, so we'll say it was a good week... despite the rain and heat and stinging insects and shortened routes and late starts and watching people at the USNWC behave like nothing is real...

Back at work and the grind is back.  Is it really gonna be August, and I WON'T be going west to where the air is cool and dry to get my respite from the North Carolina summer death heat?

Yeth, El Guapo.


Skidmark said...

...that’s the timber rattler, the state reptile of West Virginia.

juan said...

plz tell where iz teh rock???

dicky said...


rock is at Fister Farms