Tuesday, April 13

Welcoming a new member to the team

That took me way longer than it was worth. If only Peter would take the time to come down to North Carolina with the Original Big Ring perhaps he could give me a "Using Photoshop to subversively advertise your wares" tutorial.

Yes, Mike Piazza realized he was wearing too many hats here at Bad Idea Racing, so he called Admiral Ackbar up from the ranks. I was unaware of this move, and yesterday he showed up unexpectedly in some sort of cryogenic stasis chamber all the way from Seattle, WA.

Apparently there are a whole series of Admiral Ackbar figures. Whodathought?

There was a health issue warning on the chamber indicating that Admiral Ackbar is suffering from some malaise known as "Seattle Stink Eye". Mike Piazza said we should pee on the affected eye, but he just likes to pee on things.

Admiral Ackbar (he asked us to call him Ackie, but that just sounds weird) will be in charge of equipment acquisition and will serve as a sponsor liaison for the rest of 2010. He has jumped right into the swim of things and has offered to handle the sale of the 2010 Bad Idea Racing jerseys. I informed him that Twin Six was handling everything which pleased him greatly, and he was filled with so much glee that he went over to the couch, watched a little Tivo'ed Ellen, and took a nap.

Looking for an update on the pre-sale of the 2010 Bad Idea Racing Jerseys? No, well you get one anyways.

We have sold some jerseys.

We have not sold out of jerseys.

We will continue to sell jerseys until they are sold out.

The jerseys still look good.

The jerseys still come in two flavors (sleeved and unsleeved... desleeved if you will).

Peter bought a jersey even though there are "no fucking tanks".

If you are interested in a jersey read yesterday's post to find out how you can be the third guy on your block to own one.

The jersey still has a front...

And a back.

The jerseys are still $75 each, but once they sell out expect to see them on eBay for upwards of $79.

And in closing...

I want to clarify something. Last Friday when I was talking about the 2008 Bad Idea Racing jerseys I said this:

"... I also dealt with the emails, the shipping issues, and the actual ordering. I felt kinda bad after I found out they were being made in China when I had assumed I was dealing with an American company..."

Warick Gresswell (the jersey's designer) left this comment late on Sunday night (which I think was mid Tuesday March 22, 2011 in Australia):

"You're making it sound like you were deceived about where the jerseys were made, when it wasn't a prerequisite or a priority for anyone."

I'm sorry for any confusion I might have created. I was the one who dealt with the jersey manufacturer, and I was the one who assumed that since I was dealing with someone in the US and A that the jerseys were going to be made in the US and A. It was never a condition from the start that the production actually be domestic, and I'm sorry if I made it sound that way last Friday. No one was purposely deceiving me, and I got taught a lesson about assuming things.

Tomorrow expect more blogginess and jersey pimpiness.


drew said...

Pop quiz: do you assume your niner and its crabon fork are also from the us and a?
Also champ sys as a company actually put a lot of money into charity too, which is cool. The quality is decent but still a far cry from twin six either way

dicky said...

No, I know where they are made. I don't assume anything anymore (as far as country of origin goes). It wasn't exactly an easy decision to give up my made in the US and A frame to ride one that was made in Taiwan (I believe), but I've become slightly more aware of how things work in this global economy over the past few years (I said slightly), and I've learned there is a certain amount of give and take. BTW: I was expecting that question. A lot of my sponsors' products are made in the US and A, some have parts from other countries integrated in their products, and others have entire lines of product made overseas. I kinda doubt it's even possible to go on a 100% made in the US and A bike ride. Did I just write an entire boring blog post in my comments section from my phone? I need some work to do.... WV: BIALU

Anonymous said...

I think it's time to start a Dicky Made In The USA bike rant/revolution (no bike pun intended).
Actually, you better not. Last thing you need is for this place to turn into a MTBR forum.
MITUSA jerseys are a good compromise.

Leyonce said...

Just saw your jersey on Bike Rumor. Mind games...hmmm. Got mine. Sweeeeet