Friday, March 18

I will not talk about the video today

For three days I have begged, pleaded, and threatened you. I will let you take the day off my pathetic wheedling.


I am expecting shipments from four different sponsors. I was thinking at least one of the packages would have arrived yesterday, but alas there was nothing delivered via any happy truck, so I must think of something else to write about.

I was looking at my traffic the other day. I found that people were googling some expected topics to get to Bad Idea Racing.

warrior creek mtb

bad comb over photos

Sonya Looney

santa cruz tall boy

twin six dopers suck

painful lump on side of foot

everytime you check facebook god kills a hipster

Some things disturbed me a little bit.



mass nudity

penis ashtray

kids Nudity

naked in public

scene gloomy bear

feminine frames 2011 mtb team dickey

cold stuff down pants

black ass fingering

That last one... I couldn't sleep last night after I read it.

I also looked at my incoming traffic and found that some folks were coming over from this blog. London Cyclist has announced the Top Fifty Bike Blogs of 2011, and once again I am off the list. Even though I was selected as one of the most INFLUENTIAL bike blogs last year by some other independent researcher, for the third year in a row I am not worthy of recognition in London.

These results are determined mostly by factors that I do not understand, but wholly trust because they are right there on the internet where truth is found all over the place. Since I was not on the list I looked into just why I was seeing incoming traffic from London Cyclist and found this in the comments:

To which I felt like I needed to respond:

(referring to Andreas, the creator of "the list")

Andreas, feeling as if I might be mocking his top 50 selection, chose to join in on the pleasantries and not be the nefarious internet playground bully I thought he was:

Being a big fan of getting the last word, I concluded with:

And then the internet exploded.

The thing that seems to be hurting me the most is my lack of presence on the rest of the internets. Although I am on facebook, Bad Idea Racing is not. You can not go there and like me the way you can like many other blogs that are entities unto themselves. I don't have enough free time to be me on facebook, let alone maintain two entities over there. Two days ago I tried to fulfill a promise to be a more active facebooker, and this is how far I got:

Then I got busy at work and never came back to let people know how my day went. I apologize. I could probably squeeze in some updates, but I'm working with my Fisher Price not-so-smart phone.

So many steps are required to do anything from this phone that I hardly want to make phone calls, let alone type witty-to-me/boring-to-you quips all day. This also keeps me from using Twitter, which as you might have guessed, can help shoot a semi-successful cycling blog right up the ranks.

I am not sure why one would have a twitter account when one is already blogging and facebooking. Perhaps you need a backup for when your blog gets hacked, like what happened to Thom:

I'm surprised Thom doesn't use Thwitter.

Hopefully next week I'll have some new news, and life updates, and stuff, and whatnot. Otherwise I'll go back to hitting you up for likes on my video since less than 10% bothered to show your support.


Some of you must be dying to read more Virtual Tours of my bike room style posts.

Next up would be "Part Four: The Complete History of my Truing Stand"


Peter Keiller said...

Fuck you. This seriously sucks.
Btw. Not one person in Taipei or Shanghai has ever heard of you. I direct all Of them to your blog...this...this is what they read...

dicky said...


Anonymous said...

perhaps you should beg for funds so you can drop that fisher price piece of shit phone and get a proper smart phone? This will allow bad idea racing to expand quicker than the Empire. Consider it another part of your 'sponsorship'.

Anonymous said...

it is hilarious to see you navigating that fisher price piece of shit

Nathan said...

"Some of you must be dying to read more Virtual Tours of my bike room style posts."

It would be better than you talking about lame ass social networking again.

Now will someone googling "ass social" find your site?

Scott said...

This is my favorite post ever. I'd vote for you, but I don't use Facebook.

Nate said...

I just saw my name on your blog. I am feeling kinda special right now, even tho I have no idea what it was in reference to as I found the post TLDR. Perhaps it had something to do with being exposed as the one who found you via my penis ashtray search. Iceboobs just turned up Brickhouse.

Big Bikes said...

Just catching up here.
Thwitter...that is thweet!

I think I'm going to change my Twitter handle to ThomonThwitter.


- t